Branded Corporate Gifts Between MRP Rs.1250 to Rs.1500/-

Please select from numerous well-known brands such as Swiss Military, Bombay Dyeing, Swayam, UCB, VIP, Bajaj, La Opala, Borosil, Neelam, Pinnacle, Varmora, Bata, JBL, Portronics, Ubon, Mona B, 3M & tag8 gifting products with MRP between Rs.1,250/- to Rs.1,500/-. The products range provide wide choices starting from wallets, electronic gadget organizers, bed sheets, towels, carpet, neck pillow, eye mask, stole, guthi, mat with napkin set, t-shirts, duffle bags, cookware, casseroles, kettles, pressure cookers, dinner set, bowls, tray, glass lunch boxes, cutlery, juice set, water jug, gift sets, aqua kit, dry storage kit, bathroom storage set, sports shoes, headphones, wireless earphones, wireless speakers, power banks, power adaptor, travel kits, eco-friendly beer caddy, cooler bag, dopp kit, gel wrist rest mouse, radiation purifier, security tags and mobile tracker. 

SWISS MILITARY wallets Model LW1 & LW19 with 11 pockets for credit card, 2 pockets for ID card storage, 2 pockets for paper currency and 1 concealed pocket with detachable flap for ease of convenient carrying with premium brand epoxy embossed logo both with MRP of Rs.1,390/-. Tri fold closure wallet model LW18 with 7 pockets for credit card, 1 pocket for ID card, 2 pockets for paper currency, 1 pocket for business card and 1 sim card holder with premium brand epoxy embossed logo with MRP of Rs.1,390/-. Black colour model LW30 with logo printed lining, 6 pockets for credit cards, 1 pocket for ID card holder, 2 pockets for paper currency, 2 concealed pockets and 1 pocket for coins with premium brand epoxy embossed logo with MRP of Rs.1,390/-. Model LW30 with MRP of Rs.1,440/- adds 1 extra credit card storage space and detachable ID card holder for ease of carrying conveniently. Model LW35 with logo printed lining, 8 pockets for credit cards, 2 pockets for paper currency, 4 concealed pockets with premium metal logo with MRP of Rs.1,490/-.

Electronic gadget organiser made of 100% polyester 1000D durable and water-resistant fabric rolls up to fit in a small space in your bag. Smart innovations that fits easily onto any car visor with multiple slots for holding cosmetics, cell phones, cards, cables, sunglasses, money, USBs, passports etc. to easily remove and restore with MRP of Rs.1,390/-.

Swiss Military Wallets

BOMBAY DYEING IRIS PLUS as 100% cotton double bed sheet with 110 TC in 220cm x 240cm size with pillow covers of 46cm x 69 cm sizes with MRP of Rs.1299/-. Towel set loose available in 70cm x140cm & 60cm x120cm sizes in 100% cotton material. 

SWAYAM Bed sheet sets: – most pocket friendly basic double bedsheets with pillow cover based on various mesmerizing floral prints to transform bedding to a lap of blossoms with MRP of Rs.1,299/- & Rs.1,499/-. Gift and transform not only space but also living as these premium bed sheets with pillow cover are woven through high quality yarn to form micro fibre fabrics available in brown, grey, pink, navy, blue, beige and teal with MRP of Rs.1,399/- as shown below. Carpets: – bring in the soft and puffy feel to rest of your foot and give the plush look to your interior. High end look, anti-skid, carpet finish, easy wash, luxury feel with soft touch. Tapestry floor carpets with MRP of Rs.1,499/-. Neck pillow & eye mask: – Super soft trendy designer neck cushions with breathable memory foam available in velvet, knit, micro fibre, jute & cotton with elastic clasp for perfect fit and ideal for long hours sitting available in set of 2 with eye mask with MRP of Rs.1,499/-. Stole & Guthi with chikankari of Lucknow in sheer fabric, sober design, cutwork edges with draw string closure with MRP of Rs.1,499/-, printed mats & napkins set to complete your table decoration with not only style but also royalty to enjoy your meal with proper hygiene with MRP of Rs.1,399/-.

Travel Neck Cushions

UCB Dry fit t-shirts from Benetton in black colour with MRP of Rs.1,299/-.

Polyester cotton mixed t-shirts from Benetton in black, blue, grey, orange, red, yellow, green, navy blue and white with MRP of Rs.1,499/- each. 

VIP duffel bags: – ARISTOCRAT LAVA duffle bag in size 55 cm with wheels is ideal for unisex with 2 zippered closures, padded shoulder straps and grab handles in 36x55x30 cm size with outer material in 600 D polyester weighing 2 kgs. with MRP of Rs.1,300/-. 

BAJAJ cookware: – Ceramic coated KHADAI comes with a glass lid with stainless steel ring with induction base to keep food warm, cool touch handles for easy cooking, durable dual coating for ease of maintenance, metal friendly spatula allows to use without the worry of damaging the coating. Available in diameter of 200 and 240 mm with heat resistant exterior in red and orange colour with warranty of 5 years. PTFE/PFOA free as this is a non-reactive cookware with MRP of Rs.1,295/-. Ceramic coated casseroles comes with a glass lid with stainless steel ring with induction base to keep food warm, cool touch handles for easy cooking, durable dual coating for ease of maintenance, metal friendly spatula allows to use without the worry of damaging the coating. Available in diameter of 200 mm with heat resistant exterior in red and orange colour with warranty of 5 years. PTFE/PFOA free as this is a non-reactive cookware with MRP of Rs.1,295/-.

Electric kettles: – Bajaj 1.7 litre electric cordless kettle with MRP of Rs.1,499/-. Bajaj 1 litre electric cordless kettle with MRP of Rs.1,399/-. Bajaj 0.5 litre plastic body electric kettle with concealed heating element, auto switch off, 1000 watts with 2 years warranty with MRP of Rs.1,399/-. Bajaj 0.5 litre stainless steel body electric kettle with concealed heating element, auto switch off, 1100 watts with 2 years warranty and MRP of Rs.1,499/-.

Pressure cookers: Gas & induction compaitable 3 litre handi shape silver colour made from virgin Hindalco aluminium base thickness 3.25 mm long lasting gasket anti bulging base UL listed with MRP Rs.1,350/-. 

LA OPALA dinner set: – MELODY dinner set of 20 pieces consisting of 6 full plates, 6 quarter plates, 6 vegetable bowls, salt & pepper available as set of 20 pieces with MRP of Rs.1,395/-. NOVO dinner sets consisting of 4 full plates, 4 quarter plates & 4 vegetable bowls as set of 12 pieces with MRP of Rs.1,295/- & with addition of 1 serving bowl small, salt & pepper as set of 15 pieces available with MRP of Rs.1,495/- respectively. CLASSIQUE dinner sets consisting of 4 full plates, 4 quarter plates, 4 vegetable bowls & serving bowl small available as set of 13 pieces with MRP of Rs.1,495/-.

BOROSIL Microwavable mixing bowls with plastic lid as set of 3 of 500ml + 900ml + 1.3 litres with MRP of Rs.1,395/-. Orbit tray is available in set of 5 with MRP of Rs.1,495/-. Microwavable glass lunch boxes made of 100% borosilicate glass available in choices of lunch boxes of SET OF 4 with two in square shape of 320ml each plus two in round shape of 240 ml each for MRP of Rs.1,280/-.

Orbit Tray

NEELAM cutlery set: – packed in beautiful velvet box available in 5 designs called Iconic, Crest, Glitter, Classic, Stencil in various combinations to select the best for your target audience for maximum promotional mileage. 18 pieces set with 6 master spoons, 6 master forks and 6 master soup spoons with MRP of Rs.1400/-.

Cookware set: – Steel finish belly sauce pot set of 6 pieces of size 14, 16 & 18 cm with 3 glass lids mainly for cook & serve with MRP of Rs.1440/-. Steel finish cookware set of 7 pieces containing sauce pan, deluxe handi, 2 stainless steel cover lids and big bowl mainly used for cook and serve with MRP of Rs. 1265/-.

Juice set: – in steel finish with water jug of 1.5 liters, with 6 glasses and a tray as set of 8 pieces with MRP of Rs.1330/-. 


Palila steel liner & claro thermo containers available both with capacity of 2500ml with MRP of Rs.1,400/-. Panache steel liner thermo container of 600ml+1200ml+2500ml with MRP of Rs.1,500/-. Premier steel liner thermo container of 1000ml+2000ml+3000ml with MRP of Rs.1,350/-. Panaya steel liner thermo container of 3000ml with MRP of Rs.1,350/-. Prata thermo rectangular lunch box of 700ml with steel inside, with 2 square lunch boxes with steel inside of 250ml each, tritan bottle of 300ml and bag with MRP of Rs.1,500/-.

WATER JUGS: Spectrum & Platino both in 12 litres with MRP of Rs.1,350/-. 

VARMORA brand homeware products for high durability and reliability. ISO certified, BPA free and US FDA approved in various gift sets for your elite consumers, employees, trade partners and business associates.

CORPORATE GIFT PACKS: –Dinner sets of 18 pieces in choice of 3-4 colours as shown below consisting of 6 round dinner plates, 6 side plates and 6 bowls with MRP of Rs. 1,499/- & aqua kit of 10 pieces consisting of 3 water bottles of 1 litre, 6 glasses of 310 ml and 1 aqua jug of 2 litres with MRP of Rs. 1,296/-.

Dry storage kit of 7 pieces consisting of 5 round containers of 500ml, 750ml, 1.7 litres, 2.5 litres & 3.7 litres and rectangular container of 1 litre & 1.5 litres with MRP of Rs. 1,323/-.

Bathroom accessories set in oval of 5 pieces containing oval basin of 20 litres, oval bucket of 17.5 litres, oval mug of 1 litre, soap dish and comfortable stool with MRP of Rs. 1,299/-. 

BATA wallets: – made of leather in Hush Puppies brand in black colour with MRP of Rs.1,299/-. Leather Hush Puppies brand in blue colour with MRP of Rs.1,299/-. Sports shoes: – select from a wide range starting from MRP Rs.1,299/- & Rs.1,499/-. 

JBL IN-EAR HEADPHONES: – T110 with tangle free flat cables also ensures your cord stays smooth with choice of 4 colours in black, blue, white, and black with MRP of Rs.1,290/-. 

PORTRONICS Portable Bluetooth Speakers: –

Bounce portable Bluetooth speaker with FM, USB port of 5W Watts with MRP of Rs.1,299/- in black and blue colour. Wireless earphones: – Harmonics 206 inline in-ear Bluetooth stereo earphones with magnetic latch, Bluetooth 4.2, in-built Mic, multipoint pairing with MRP of Rs.1,499/- in blue, red, and black colour.

Power Banks: –

Indo 5 as 5000 mAh powerbank with dual USB output with on and off button with Micro USB input, LED indicator with MRP of Rs.1,499/- in black and white colour. Litehouse magnetic LED lamp with 4400 mAh powerbank with single USB output with magnet points with MRP of Rs.1,499/-.

Power Adapter: –

UFO Home Charger as portable USB charging station with 6 USB ports with LED lights compatible with universal wall sockets comes with 1-meter detachable cable showing power status automatically with MRP of Rs.1,299/-.

Portronics Power Adapter with 6 USB Ports


Power Box 5000mAh can charge 2 devices at the same time without affecting the charging speed with one USB ports, V8 & Type-C available as model PB-X30 with MRP of Rs.1,499/-. HEADSETS: – Earbuds Airshark wireless earphone with 15 hours nonstop play music backup is intelligent and smart available as model BT-20 with MRP of Rs.1,490/-. Black Thunder wireless speaker with torch, backup of 4 hours for nonstop music with FM radio, support Aux, TF Card & USB pen drives available as model SP-6610 with MRP Rs.1,490/-. Speakers Swanky Bass & Posh Series as tiny, until you turn it on with FM radio, support Aux, TF Card & USB pen drives with 6 hours power backup for nonstop music available as model SP-15A & SP-20A with MRP Rs.1,499/-.


Car Travel Kit as corporate gift with travel bag, car perfume, Aux cable and car charger with MRP Rs.1,499/- to drive, explore and discover. 

MONA B is a 100% eco-friendly brand which uses recycled, up cycled, and re-milled raw materials like India army tents and truck tarps to make their products with a minimal environmental footprint. DOPP KIT & CRUISING DOPP KIT in 9x5x5 inches size nylon lined with zipper closure with MRP of Rs.1,365/-. Bar: LARGE COOLER for 12 packs with MRP of Rs.1,275/-.

Mona B

3M High quality Workspace apply science and design to fit whether open, private, spacious, or confined pace for a stylish, modern, efficient, and reliable workplace so that you can work with confidence.

Gel Wrist Rests Mouse Pads 3M™ Wrist Rest helps you stay comfortable throughout your workday and helps keep your wrists in a neutral position. 3M™ Wrist Rests offer a variety of soft materials and adjustable platforms to allow for precise positioning and optimal comfort. MW308 Gel Wrist Rests helps you refresh and personalize your workspace with fun designs by extending the beauty with matching gel wrist rest for the keyboard with soothing gel comfort which encourages neutral wrist posture. Precise™ surface enhances the precision of optical mice at fast speeds while non-skid backing keeps pad in place available in size 6.8″ x 8.6″ in Daisy, Coral, Chevron, and Plaid design with MRP of Rs.1,300/-. 

tag8 introduced tracker enabled products with an objective to secure valuables and significantly increase the percentage of lost valuables returned to their rightful owner. Now travel worry free with global lost & found recovery services a travel essential entailing 24X7 customer service desk, finder reward program with global logistics support.


The next generation smart finders when lost can be searched by either clicking to ring, tracking on map or by marking as lost for updating on the network. In addition, to Bluetooth enable product, regular features of tag8 global lost & found recovery service are also enabled. Location tracking, anti-lost alarm, network search, RFID protection, lost & found service support and selfie buttons are special features. Mobile tracker with MRP of Rs.1,499/-. Mobile phone raises alarm if tracker goes out of range. In case of lost or disconnected tracker app records its last known location and sends notification for where it is. tag8 receives location notification of the lost items through its other app users passing by the item & shares the same with you. Loud alarm sound with long battery life with selfie button on the tracker to click are additional features. 

Tag8 Tracker Enabled Products

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