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Corporate Gifts in Kolkata

Sparket Marketing Private Limited

ED & CEO: Rajesh Kapoor

Sparket Marketing Private Limited (Regd. Office)

45A, Rash Behari Avenue, (Near Kalighat Metro Station)
Kolkata - 700 026
+ 91 33 24642455

About Sparket Corporate Gifts Center in Kolkata

A very good customer of ours protested that how many times I will buy mouse pads from you and showed us the path to enter Corporate Gifts at Kolkata. We evaluated the pros and cons for almost one year and finally booked our first t-shirt order in March 2005 and started our journey of Sparket Corporate Gifts in Kolkata. We have completed a decade and even our competitors admit us as the number one player in almost all parameters. Variety of gift products, pricing, delivery timelines and repeat orders from the same buyers etc. Our showroom is very close to Kalighat Metro Station on the ground floor where one can see all the products beautifully displayed.
We started as early as 1986 with Corporate with Electronic Typewriter ribbons of PCL and then Network. Our relationship with all Corporate goes back to 1987 onwards and though Electronic Typewriters died around 1996 but we moved to Hewlett Packard consumables namely Ink and Toner Cartridges. The existing relationship made it very easy for us to establish ourselves as vendor of choice for more tricky items like Corporate Gift which is not available as a branded box. When Corporate could trust us with the genuine supplies where price difference was mind boggling then it was that much easier for them to trust us with supplies of Corporate Gifts.

Why Corporate in Kolkata Need Promotional Gifts…

During the recession and slowdown from last many years one region which has shown consistent growth is Kolkata and eastern region. Though every other region is complaining but Kolkata and eastern region has broken all records for spectacular percentage growth over previous years. This has allowed Kolkata the nerve center to spend heavily in acquiring new customers by counting on freebies like promotional products. As the middle class has become stronger with more purchasing power the marketers too have become aggressive in ensuring that they corner the market share by encouraging trials and attractive bundling offerings.

Kolkata the Business Hub, why Need Corporate Gifting Solutions…?

There was a time when Corporate Gifts were procured centrally and distributed all over India. But the common complaint was that the selected items were not very relevant for the local target audience. Fed up of the complaint the headquarter decided to start allocating budgets as the end goal was to reach the projected targets. Even the local operations were happy as they could discuss with the trade or the customers as to what was more interesting for them. One major concern in the beginning was that as the market was small how to get variety and attractive pricing which was solved by Sparket Corporate Gifts due to their presence all over India.

How Sparket Corporate Gifts in Kolkata helping the growth of Small & Medium Business……?

The famous saying is that discounting the price is one way street as not very easy to increase the same over time. This is where Sparket Corporate Gifts helps SMEs at Kolkata by offering gifts instead of discounts which is twofold. First you are not lowering the market operative pricing and second is that perceived value of the gift is always more than the actual cost resulting in more mileage out of the promotional budgets. Smart SMEs understand and use the corporate gifts as strategy to increase trial of their products and earn loyalty of regular users thus created. The gift offering attracts the new buyers for example a Kajal manufacturer offered ladies purse mirror to not only increased the product trials but also ensuring that many consumers bought Kajal because what they needed in reality was a handy mirror.

What Customers Say About Our Center …?

Anurag Shukla: Vice President-Operations First Sources
In Recognition of the Excellent Support Provided by Sparket Marketing For the Operations Offsite is Amazing……


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