Awards, Trophies, Plaques & Mementoes as Corporate Gifts

Awards Trophies Plaques and Mementoes

Recognition is one of the most powerful tool to appreciate and motivate the team members to up their game and continue to be engaged. Recognition also gives feedback to the performing members and creates aspirations in others to aim and reach the sky. The brassware awards conveys to the recipient and his near and dear ones about his contribution to the team and encourages him to scale up further. The new thinking is that an organisation must find ways and means to ensure that all the team members are winners instead of trying to identify only few at the top. After all they recruited to make everyone a winner and must find ways to ensure most of them end up becoming the winner.

Once you have the budget and different award categories in mind then you can start selecting the various choices to match and connect with the description of the award. It can be a combination of wood and metal with gold polish to enable the recipient to proudly display the same. The metal plate can be screen printed in various color combinations to display name of the company, category of award, name of the person and any other relevant matter.

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Eco-Friendly Foldable Bags as Corporate Gifts

Foldable Bags

Eco-friendly range of utility bags, that are economical, foldable, fashionable and simultaneously create an ecosystem where harmoniously we all take responsibility to reduce use of plastic and save our planet. Our Bags are made from parachute fabric which is reusable, sturdy and durable resulting in reduce usage of plastic carry bags.

Shopping Bags: –

There are various types of shopping bags as shown below with their main features. Classic shopping bag, large shopping bag and small shopping bag can be reused, are light weight and foldable when not in use. Apart from being washable and water repellent our bags can safely carry over 15 kilograms of weight and will last over 3 years. Classic canvas tote, large canvas tote and small canvas tote are multipurpose canvas shopping bags made of eco-friendly high quality canvas fabric with and without gusset and can carry between 7 – 10 kilograms. Proudly display your logo on both sides as long they are in circulation for free publicity for both your products and brand. You also have choice of your house colours except in canvas.
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Car Hanging Fragrances as Corporate Gifts

Car hanging fragrance is a good corporate gift as the passengers travelling in the car can’t miss the bouncing dangler on the front wind screen hanging on to the rear-view mirror. The fragrance helps in the pleasant smell in the car always. The best promotional gift for automotive industry as the connection with the vehicle is supreme here. Every car servicing industry can use this promo to connect with their target audience. Authorised service centres makes it a point to give this as a gift when they return the car after the periodical services to connect with regular users. FMCG companies too find it very cost effective specially telecom and all the big brands have used this product to connect with their target audience.

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Table Clocks as Corporate Gifts

Clocks on the desk or table has the basic utility of providing time apart from various other functions like paper weight, playful dancing clock, rotating bridge clock with branding on the other side etc. The clock movement are Japanese instead of Chinese make to ensure longer life with warranty of 18 months. The metal is of good quality with excellent finish with proper branding to ensure high recall apart from continuous utility of providing time apart from other functionalities depending on the product you select. The logo branding can also be done on the dial to ensure higher brand recall when people look at the desk clock to check the time throughout the day.

Table Clocks
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