Exciting Distribution Channel for Faster Product Trials!

Exciting Distribution Channel for Faster Product Trials!

Distribution channel for corporate gifting aims to leverage the business sector to distribute your products to a wider audience, creating awareness, generating trials, and potentially increasing demand for your products. This strategy involves partnering with corporate gifting partners who will sell your products in bulk to corporate buyers who will distribute them as free gifts to their target audience.

PRODUCT CRITERIA: Your products should be new and offer some utility or excitement to the recipients. They should also have branding space available for corporate customization. Read More

Advantages of Corporate Gifts e-Marketplace!

Time is Money so reseller partners let us spend our valuable time to retain and add new clients as the sourcing challenge is solved.

ADVANTAGES: – for Corporate Gifts Resellers & Manufacturers

  • Reseller’s slab wise pricing updated by manufacturers themselves.
  • Reseller’s dashboard to view MOQ, buying price, GST, MRP with sample cost etc.
  • Advanced Search Engine saves time, increases profit while showcasing available gifts.
  • Instantly forward PDF of downloadable selected items as your initial proposal.

The recipient’s bonus is that purchasing department need not add new vendors as they can ask existing approved vendors to supply the shortlisted corporate gifts. Read More


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