Pen Drives as Corporate Gifts

Pen Drives as Corporate Gifts

The biggest challenge you face is what to give as a corporate gift which your recipient will love to receive, own and use it on a day to day basis to fulfil your major requirement of always in sight of your target audience. The usb pen drives is one such product which fits the budget at various price points depending on the storage capacity and comes with additional advantages of inserting your product promotions.

USB Pen Drive Credit Card

Usb pen drive credit card with your photo quality printing on both sides for maximum mileage available in regular size, mini credit card shape, triangle and round shapes. Metal visiting card pen drive is also available when the data are that much more valuable.
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Why Choose Us For Corporate Gifting Solutions in Bangalore, India

Reliability from a 30+ year old Corporate Gift Company : We started on October 29, 1986 and few of our team members are still with us and some of them have even celebrated silver jubilees with us. Few colleagues are over two decades old and many are over a decade old. The trained team at Bangalore and Kolkata ensures that we bring reliability to the table when you deal with us. Many of our corporate customers has been dealing with us since early 1990s and currently we have over 200 large companies who source most of their corporate gift requirements from us.

To ensure reliability we insist on getting approved from you on the final sample which will be compared with the actual deliveries to ensure that we live to our promise of SPARKET CORPORATE GIFTS for pleasant surprises. Accidents do happen and more so in our nature of business where we deal with varieties of products but our intention remains to live up to our promise and own the responsibilities for the shortcomings, if any? The best proof of that is when you call us back for your next requirements and strongly refer us to your other departments and contacts.

Copper Bottles, Glasses, Mugs & Jugs as Corporate Gifts

Copper Bottles, Glasses, Mugs & Jugs as Corporate Gifts

We are leading suppliers of copper utensils which is highly beneficial for health and use 100% pure copper to design entire range of products. Copper reflects the legacy of a 400-year old metal craft. It is the outcome of a creative collaboration to evolve a contemporary range of copper products that cater to the present while retaining intact, the heritage craft process.  The highly skilled artisans through their craft and design give choice to ultra-modern consumers who believe in both handcrafted goods and their natural properties for healthy living. Designing metal ware products especially using copper in various categories like kitchen essentials, serve ware etc.

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