Branded Corporate Gifts Below MRP Rs.150/-

Please select from numerous well-known brands such as Bombay Dyeing, Nippo, Varmora, Neelam, Park Avenue, Cello, Klenza & 3M gifting products with MRP below Rs.150/- each. The products range provide wide choices starting from towels, LED torches, lunch boxes, containers, grooming range, metal pens, sanitizers, household brushes, wipes, hooks, clips, photo frame strips etc. 

The Bombay Dyeing range of Towels consisting of nature’s bouquet soya, organic and bamboo with no pesticides, no lubricants with pure organic cotton. Natural antibacterial bamboo fibre is blended with cotton to make it hypoallergic, highly absorbent, ultra-soft with no odour. Towels in all sizes, colour and price band is available with us in ready stocks in various sizes in 100% Cotton starting with MRP: Rs. 39/- onwards for a face towel. 
Bombay Dyeing Range of Towels
NIPPO a household name in India since 1972 has been providing millions of its customers with a quality and performance that is second to none.


Nippo has wide range of unique energy-saving torches with LED Technology with high MCD (millicandela) to give bright light. LED life is about 1 lakh hours and lasts 10 times battery life compared to ordinary torches. RADIUM LITE with 0.5 LED watt 0.5 as unique torches which can be easily identified in dark due to radium with MRP of Rs.100/-. Select from Bada Bheem radium and Mini Bheem as regular torch with MRP of Rs.125/- and Rs.75/- respectively. Please select from Mashal, Flame and Rocky with MRP of Rs.125/-.

Nippo Led Torches


VARMORA make in India from virgin poly carbonated 100% hygienic food grade, leak proof, airtight, odour free, unbreakable, microwave & refrigerator safe, ergonomically designed wide range of homeware products for high durability and reliability. ISO certified, BPA free and US FDA approved in various gift sets for your elite consumers, employees, trade partners and business associates.
Tiffin lunch boxes of MRP Rs. 149: – Available as shown below starting with choice of two colours blue and brown in round and boat shape with 550ml & 600ml, respectively. Another choice is in flat shape.

Lunch Boxes

NEELAM since 1972 delivers quality stainless-steel sets consisting of double wall steel mugs, steel glasses, steel juice sets, steel bottles for carrying with you at home, office, gym, and other sports activities.


A unique combination of stainless-steel outside with matt finish and mirror steel finish inside with airtight leak proof lids as Leak lock containers not only provides easy storage of dry and liquid foods securely but also keeps the flavour intact. Available with MRP Rs.123/- & MRP Rs.154/-. 

Neelam Storage Containers

Perfumes: –

PARK AVENUE male grooming range includes perfumes, deodorants, soaps, talcum powders, beer shampoo, styling gels, Eau De Cologne, complete shaving range consisting of shaving creams, shaving foams, shaving gel, brush, after shave lotions with free travel pouches in variety of sizes and packs to fit all budgets with customization.

Perfume spray in 25gm and 50 gm with MRP of Rs.89/- & Rs.145/-. Soaps: – Fragrant with superior sensorial as cooling, refreshing, recharging while hydrating available in 50gm, 75 gm and 125 gm with MRP of Rs.25/-, Rs.30/- & Rs.45/-. Deo talc: – cool blue available in 100 g and 300 gm with MRP of Rs.65/- & Rs.130/-. Shaving range: – shaving brush in blister and sliver pack with MRP of Rs.54/- & Rs.80/-. Cooling, refreshing and hydrating lather shaving cream available in 30 gm & 84 gm with MRP of Rs.35/- & Rs.65/-. Cooling and refreshing after shave lotion in travel pack size of 50 ml with MRP of Rs.125/-. Shaving foam with superior moisturisation available in 50 gm with MRP of Rs.79/-. Shaving gel in sachet of 4 gm with MRP of Rs.8/-.

Park Avenue Products

Beer Shampoo and Styling Gel: – cheers to strong hair with options of shiny & bouncy, damage free & anti dandruff in sachet of 6 ml, 70 ml & 180 ml with MRP of Rs.3/-, Rs.55/- & Rs.155/-. Styling gel is available in both 100 gm & 300 gm for wet look, both rugged hold or soft hold with pro vitamin B5 for superior moisture retention and style with MRP of Rs.90/- & Rs.160/-. Also available room fresheners in 8 variants with MRP of Rs.125/- for 125 gm, hand wash in rose and lime variants with MRP of Rs.75/- for 250 ml, premium Eau De Cologne in 50 ml & 100 ml with MRP of Rs.75/- & Rs.105/-.

Beer Shampoo and Styling Gel

Ball Pens:-

CELLO Signature Premium Metal Ball Pens for smoothest writing experience with twist mechanism as INDULGE matt svelte body with beautiful colours with MRP of Rs.100/-, ETHOS sketched to the black gloss finish with sterling chrome plated components with MRP of Rs.125/-, MOONLIT blended with luminous satin texture & gloss black finish, crowned with gold plated components and CARBON pitched to transform the sensational matt black beauty with MRP of Rs.150/- as shown below. 

CELLO Signature Premium Metal Ball Pens

Hand Sanitizer:-

KLENZA is not a regular hand sanitizer and guarantees 3 hours of continuous germ protection! Klenza is India’s first and only alcohol-free hand sanitizer with unique silver technology protection that keeps you 99.999% germ free for over 3 hours from the time of application. The conventional sanitizers are based on alcohol and their effectiveness wears off the moment you touch anything whereas ours is composed of natural ingredients which is gentle on all types of skin. Klenza is safe even for 3+ years kids and is available in different choices.

50 ml Foam Pump: – ensures quantity of application is small compared to gel variants. Nontoxic, non-inflammable, a green product that does not use any harsh ingredients like alcohol, triclosan, paraben etc. Smoother due to foam-based application with Cool Cologne fragrance with MRP of Rs.90/- with over 120 applications. 10 ml pen spray: – with Cool Cologne fragrance with MRP of Rs.45/- with over 75 applications. 

KLENZA Hand Sanitizer

Wet Wipes: –

White Lotus fragrance with MRP of Rs.5/- & Rs.55 in pack of 1 & 10s respectively for superior germ protection for continuous 3 hours, non-toxic and non-inflammable, safe on skin with choice of foam pump, spray and wet wipes. 

Wet Wipes


Bathroom Scrubber Brush for clean tiles and corners comes in unique scrubber shape in green colour which cleans grouts easily and effectively. Made of unwoven synthetic fibre which is easy to hold with ergonomic handle which cleans tough stains due to evenly spread ALOX particles on scrubber for MRP of Rs.130/-. Scotch-Brite Tough Scrubber Brush in red colour for outdoor cleaning of tough stains on tiles and corners for MRP of Rs.140/-. Scotch-Brite Kitchen Sink Brush also ideal for wash basin and kitchen tiles as it reaches all nooks and corners with refillable head. Scotch-Brite Bottle Cleaner to scrub fast and easy for effective bottle cleaning without scratching. Scotch-Brite Sponge Wipes cleans any mess in one wipe thereby ensuring no more water stains with 10x absorption capacity for spill free kitchen counters, shiny appliances & spotless glass tops. Multi-purpose Cellulose based wipes are easy to use, soft, pliable, lint free, durable and 100% biodegradable available in both small & large size and in super saver, mega saver & value packs apart from trendy wipes for your esteemed recipients. Scotch-Brite Premium Kitchen Towels made of cotton with unique comb structure which lifts and traps dirt for easy cleaning of kitchen counters and tables.

3m Scotch Brite for Floor Bathroom and Kitchen

3M Scotch-Brite Microfibre Polishing Wipe with fine fibres lifts and traps dust giving a streak free clean surface with lint free and scratch free cleaning lasting for more than 100 washes ideal for use on electronic appliances such as laptops & smart phones, eyeglasses and mirrors with MRP of Rs.149/-. 3M Scotch-Brite Floor Cloth Pochha with unique tri-clean corner which removes tough stains i.e. effective corner cleaning with scrubby edge 2x lasts longer due to superior weave and the overall performance of the cloth enhances after 3 washes.

3M Scotch Brite Microfibre Polishing Wipe

3M Command™ Hooks, Clips & Photo Frame Strips as Corporate Gifts: –

Transform your space with Command™ as no nails or even tools required, no damages to walls or furniture, remove cleanly from the applied surface, no marks when you shift, holds strongly the object as per the recommended weight conditions. Decorate and organize your living space whether home, office, kitchen, bathroom, desk by using DIY (do it yourself) range of products from the innovative 3M. These products are further suited for hanging pictures and photo frames without fear as you can shift as per your mood. Enjoy the freedom to decorate your space with clear or transparent range of products.

General Purpose Hooks: –

Command™ brand Micro Hooks can hold up to 225 grams and each pack contains 3 hooks & 4 strips for MRP of Rs.99/-. Clear Mini Hooks holds up to 225 grams with 6 hooks & 8 strips for MRP of Rs.149/-. These products best suited for organizing your kitchen can serve a variety of purposes and can hold a surprising amount of weight. Picture & Frame Hanging: – Command™ Poster Strips with 12 strips for MRP of Rs.149/-. 3M Scotch Kids Scissors high quality child safe 5” stainless-steel blunt blades ergonomically designed soft touch handle with soft grip blunt tip blades designed for safety for both right and lefthanded users with MRP of Rs.149/-. 

3M Command TM Hooks Clips and Photo Frame Strips

Please look for our next blog which will cover all branded products from MRP Rs.150/- onwards to make it easy for you to pick up the best choice to impress your various recipients. Here you can check product range “Branded Corporate Gifts Between MRP Rs.150/- to Rs.250/-“, “Branded Corporate Gifts Between MRP Rs.250 to Rs.350/- ” & “Branded Corporate Gifts Between MRP Rs.350/- to Rs.450/-“.

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