Digital Gift Vouchers: New Corporate Gifts for Festival of 2016 (4)

Digital Gift VoucherIn this series of festival gifts, the most exciting and new concept is digital gift vouchers which you can start this season and can keep adding various add-ons gift vouchers as the time progresses. Further we are more excited because now apart from giving gift you are making sure that the business increases for the various constituents due to online presence and increase in generation of queries through online searches. We are proud to offer you the multiple solutions of first creating a website not only to increase your online presence but also to promote yourselves through multiple efforts with active participants of all the various touch points to make the meaningful difference to the life of your end consumers. You can start with an individual website for each and every influencers and partners within 4 hours for less than Rs.6,000/- and renew it for half the price year after year with assurance of maintenance and add-ons promotional tools to increase enquiries and actual business for all the constituents involved.

Your associates and channel partners will love to own a website and will make sure that the same is up and running through hand holding of the website company to increase business for themselves and thereby you. You can start with a small set of performing partners who are go getters to test the results and fine tune your online strategy to make a meaningful dent at the market place.

With the increased insight and learning from various partners more and more influencers can be added on the platform. Depending on the strength of the partners, geography and the results various add-ons gift vouchers valuing Rs.1000/- can be distributed to increase the ROI on the investments. The best part is that now onwards you are not a spectator but an active participant to capture the value from the online market place at minimum cost and investment.

Web Bazaar

The biggest current challenge faced is that there are no website maintenance vendors as that business is not viable. Further one website by the manufacturer is not enough to cover the big scattered markets as it is like imagining each brand selling all their products through one big company owned outlet only! If the manufacturer has multiple physical outlets and segments, then the same logical extension on the online platform will make it easy for capturing the local enquiries and fulfilling them through various influencers and partners. What we are suggesting is use your online marketing money muscle to empower your influencers and trade partners to win the online battle along with the use of your existing physical machinery to full extent.

Web Bazaar Express Digital Vouchers

The responsive and dynamic design will ensure that it is not only mobile friendly but one can also change the contents like change of address or photos themselves. The user if not comfortable can speak over the phone and through email can request the changes for one full year under maintenance. You can ask for back link to increase ranking of your main website and can put required minimum conditions while sponsoring the website gift voucher and every time when you decide to renew it. You can offer various add-ons gift vouchers to support online activities of the influencers and channel partners to increase brand awareness and overall sales. Please feel free to get in touch with us to implement the same as a pilot project to check the effectiveness on your bottomline.


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