Unique Corporate Gifts Delivered all Over India

Last year we received a call from central purchase office of a big corporate gifting buyer asking us to visit them at their Mumbai office for further discussions. The central office collected few vendor’s name from their various local offices based out of India and was in the process of inviting all of them to Mumbai for face to face interview before qualifying and inviting them to participate at the reverse auction. When we visited them at Mumbai they explained that they were suffering due to various unprofessional gifting vendor participants bringing down the price to unrealistic level and then compromising on the quality and regular delivery resulting in a big chaos for them. To overcome this unprofessional behavior by the participants they decided to invite only the reputed vendors so that they get the best price and not fall for the lowest prices which was ensuring that their effort to centralized the purchase process was getting derailed. Since then we have signed up few yearly rate contracts with them and both of us are meaningfully satisfied and looking forward to more sizable volume products moving to central purchase department.

Corporate Gifts in India

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Sourcing Promotional Corporate Gifts from India

We have exported to almost all continents except South America and to 23 countries as India is very strong with labour intensive promotional products. Many strong promotional gift companies regularly buy from us their gifting requirements which we ship to all over the world on their behalf. India also imports many promotional goods from China but these are items which are machine made and require very large quantities manufactured at huge volumes to cater to the whole world. These items China has an edge and Indian companies too prefer to import from China due to better price and good finish at different price points. But the moment the items become labour intensive India has an edge over China and even the regular international gift buyers of China prefer to buy from India to save on overall cost. Again, China speaks the language of large numbers only and due to unique Indian set up all orders including small, medium and large can be catered at attractive prices.

The Various Countries Exported are as Follows: –

Sourcing Promotional Corporate Gifts from India

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New Branded Products for Corporate Gift Reseller Partners

The most common question faced by a saree shop keeper is show me something new and as per the latest fashion. And the demanding buyer will not compromise on the new, latest and the best even if she has to visit numerous shops till one is found. All of the corporate gift re-seller partner will be able to empathize with this challenge and the only way to overcome this is to have regular new products identified and showcased to the buyer to be in the good books of the regular corporate and to break into the new prospective accounts. Your chances of getting a call back from your customer increases if you have occupied the top mind slot of your regular and new customers.


The First Product Range X Men Grooming Kits and Joy Facial Skin Fruits:

Understanding this gap in the market and to overcome the fragmented nature of gifting industry Sparket tied up with X-MEN Grooming products with 4 ready grooming kits with 9 products to cover all price points from Rs.50/- to Rs.750/-. The manufacturer in cosmetics space for almost 3 decades is the authorized licensee for the X-MEN series of Hollywood movies and during May 2016 the products was launched in the general trade with TV advertisements. The manufacturer also offers from inception complete range of women skin products with the brand name of Joy endorsed by Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma and is currently exporting skin care products to over 30 countries.

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Promotion Cum Distribution of Branded Products Through Trials

Branded Product PromotionMany Well-Known Brand Manufacturers Approach Gifting Companies to Promote Their Products to Blue Chip Corporate Through Corporate Gifts Re-Seller Partners.

The idea is to sell bulk quantities at one go and thereby ensure enough products trials by reaching nook and corners of the Country ensuring actual usage and thereby additions of many new consumers to their existing customer base. This approach virtually covers each and every possible consumer from all industries, various connected intermediaries, men and women, all age groups (children, adolescent, young, old) entrepreneurs, service class, professionals, blue and white collars etc.

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Digital Gift Vouchers: New Corporate Gifts for Festival of 2016 (4)

Digital Gift VoucherIn this series of festival gifts, the most exciting and new concept is digital gift vouchers which you can start this season and can keep adding various add-ons gift vouchers as the time progresses. Further we are more excited because now apart from giving gift you are making sure that the business increases for the various constituents due to online presence and increase in generation of queries through online searches. We are proud to offer you the multiple solutions of first creating a website not only to increase your online presence but also to promote yourselves through multiple efforts with active participants of all the various touch points to make the meaningful difference to the life of your end consumers. You can start with an individual website for each and every influencers and partners within 4 hours for less than Rs.6,000/- and renew it for half the price year after year with assurance of maintenance and add-ons promotional tools to increase enquiries and actual business for all the constituents involved.

Your associates and channel partners will love to own a website and will make sure that the same is up and running through hand holding of the website company to increase business for themselves and thereby you. You can start with a small set of performing partners who are go getters to test the results and fine tune your online strategy to make a meaningful dent at the market place.

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Neesh Pocket Perfume: New Novelty Corporate Gifts for Festivals of 2016 (3)!

neesh-pocket-perfumes-and-its-unique-featuresneesh-pocket-perfumes-as-great-corporate-giftsIn the series of festival gifts for the calendar year 2016 the third product is very personal and will last for more than a year. The patented design is a unisex pocket perfume which will last on the body from 8 to 12 hours. Moreover, one pack will give 400 sprays which means it will last till the next festival arrives during the year 2017. The product is available on the retail shelves and modern trade and is being bought by end users at full MRP of Rs.340/-. The retail pack can be customised with your logo either as the label or gold foiled sticker as per the images given below. Please go through the brochure below to understand the unique features of the fragrant experience.

The product has created good noise in the corporate gifting market due to personalized nature and handy utility of carrying the same in the pocket or ladies handbag. The cardboard box can be customized too with various logo branding options as per the various images shown below. Customized floral designs on the labels at the front and the back, logo on the outer carton box, gold foil stickers including personalized name on the container are few of the branding options with the product to remind consumers about your association for more than a year till next festival season arrives.

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X-MEN Grooming Kits & Joy Skin Fruits Facial Packs: New Corporate Gifts for Festival 2016 (2)!

x-men-grooming-kits-and-travel-bagsContinuing the series of festival gifts for the upcoming season in this particular article let us focus on personalised gifts to get emotional connect with your target audience which can be employees, partners and even business associates. Pepsi had to fight with the Coca Cola and they focused on the younger generation and through music made inroads in to the minds and hearts of younger persons including old persons who thought and believed that they were young. Similarly, we are suggesting you to get in to the minds of your target audience through Grooming Kits. If your target audience use your gifted products every morning very good, chances are due to fragrance and pleasant experience they will connect emotionally with your brand too!

The X-MEN Grooming kits licensees are in the manufacturing of cosmetics range for last 30 years, successfully exporting to over 30 countries and proud owner of skin cream brand JOY ensures that you are using the best possible grooming kit range from an established house. The product was launched through gifting segment last year and due to good response has been now launched in general trade too with television advertisements! The success story of the manufacturer is due to the word of mouth through trade channels who enjoyed promoting the product due to excellent consumer feedback and motivation given to them by the regular buyers. The trade confidence grew multi fold as more and more new products found well accepted by the consumers resulting in suggesting the products to more and more buyers resulting in a good success over the years.

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Festival Gifts: Sweets & Chocolates New Corporate Gifts for Festival Season of 2016 (1)!

festival-gift-chocolate-and-sweets-packIn India the festival starts from Ganesh Chaturthi and continues up to the beginning of New calendar year! Companies fixed a particular festival for distributing gifts depending on their roots, locations and client base to celebrate the joys of the festival. In eastern India Durga puja is the main festival whereas in Kerala the same turns into Onam during August or September depending on the calendar. However, in Eastern India Holi is also the occasion when companies distribute festival gifts. Now a day we get good enquiries from all companies for celebration of Id and Ramazan too proving awareness and further creation of a united face of India. In Karnataka most of the companies prefer to gift to employees during Ayudha Pooja which also coincides with Durga Puja. Diwali/Deepavali is celebrated all over India but Hindi belt prefers to give gifts around this occasion and is spread all over Indian states.

The gifts are mainly given to corporate employees, customers, associates and well-wishers! Earlier practice of distributing traditional sweets has changed into new practice of dark Belgian chocolates due to multiple factors. Presentation, heightened acceptance and consumption of chocolates over a prolonged period of time due to longer shelf life of the product has increased the demand and distribution of the product.

Another exciting factor is that you can decide on various combinations to arrive at the various budgets for different set of receivers to maintain the uniformity of gifts but at various price points. The shape, taste, size and contents can be changed as per the taste of the recipients. Even the packaging and wrapper can be designed to get the maximum mileage out of the branding and awareness creating activities.

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Most Unique Corporate Gift to Increase Sales Through Channel Partners!

digital-vouchers-768x589The penetration of the mobiles with the vast population has opened a flood gate of opportunities for the brands to be in front of the target audience locally through their channel partners who can now have their own websites to showcase their offerings. Challenge for the brand owners was that they can have their own websites but how to address the vast population spread across the length and breadth of the Country. This has been made easy by our DIGITAL GIFT VOUCHERS. Let us explain you the whole working to show how Digital Gift Vouchers are not only the most unique gifting starting this season but is the best gift all-round the year to increase sales of your brand for the meaningful business results.

  1. Local online presence of your channel partner with his own website maintained all-round the year for below Rs. 6,000/- during the first year and subsequent renewal at below Rs. 3,000/-.
  2. Responsive website to suit the mobile size and dynamic enough for your dealer to add products or email back support team throughout the year. (phone support also available).
  3. Website in 4 hours and as a promoter you can request your channel partner for a back link to further increase your mother website ranking.
  4. As a brand owner just create the budget and live the rest on us to bring all your channel partners on the board through our tele support team.
  5. If you are far sighted and would like your channel team to become online savvy, then keep distributing digital add on gifts vouchers from time to time within budget of Rs. 1,150 to Rs. 1,380/-. (Google local business page – verification by customer, blog creation and set up, business page creation – Twitter, business page creation – Facebook etc.)

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Completion of One Year of Weekly Blogs on Corporate Gifts!

Chairman-of-BNI-Dr-Ivan-MisnerIt started exactly 52 weeks ago i.e. almost one year back during last August 2015. After contemplating and even using the services of a professional content writer for some time that sounded like some other company in a business other than corporate gifts and not making much of sense to readers or in the growth of our business decided to write blog myself. By nature, one always try to buy things through money from experts and not realising that content experts also needs to be well versed with nitty gritty of your business. My language and expressions may not be great but the kind of feedback I get on my blog is enough to excite me to write for the remaining weeks of my life.

I have completed 52 blogs taking this one in account and this should have been published last week on Aug, 2016 but I’m more than one week late. The credit for one year of continuous blogging goes to the founder and chairman of BNI – the world’s largest referral organisation operating in over 60 Countries, Dr. Ivan Misner.

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