Branded Corporate Gifts Between MRP Rs.450/- to Rs.550/-

Please select from numerous well-known brands such as Swiss Military, Bombay Dyeing, Nippo, La Opala, Borosil, Pinnacle, Varmora, Neelam, Portronics, Amkette, Ubon, Mona B, Bata, Park Avenue, 3M & Mitva gifting products with MRP between Rs.450/- to Rs.550/- each. The products range provide wide choices starting from LED keychains, towels, mosquito bat, bowls, soup set, tea cups with saucers, bowls, glasses, jugs, glass bottles, carafe, casseroles, lunch boxes, mugs, water bottles, flasks, dinner sets, dabbas, cables, mouse, car chargers, USB hub, eco-friendly bottle koozie, PU belts, wallets, grooming range, sticky board, lint roller, computer cleaner & solar lights. 


Multitool key ring is available with medium, small & Phillips screwdriver, knife, bottle opener and LED light with MRP of Rs.490/-. All items come in beautiful thick cardboard boxes as shown in the image. Pull out keychains with option of 4 rings to remove the particular ring key bunch instead of taking out the particular key every time you need to share the same. Enables you to avoid handing over the complete set of personal keys and share only the one which is required from time to time. Comes in metal body with MRP of Rs.540/-.
Swiss Military Keychains
BOMBAY DYEING range of towels consisting of nature’s bouquet soya, organic and bamboo with no pesticides, no lubricants with pure organic cotton. Natural antibacterial bamboo fibre is blended with cotton to make it hypoallergic, highly absorbent, ultra-soft with no odour. Towels in all sizes, colour and price band is available with us in ready stocks in various sizes in 100% cotton.

Bombay Dyeing

NIPPO Mosquito Bat: –

Nippo Mosquito Bat first time in India Li-Ion battery operated with BMS (Battery Management System) with quick charging facility. Eco friendly product suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Terminator Mini with 1200 mAh Li-ion battery with over charging protection, shock proof with inbuilt 2 pin AC plug for MRP Rs.525/-.

Nippo Mosquito Bat

LA OPALA Gift sets: –

BOWL IN BOWL set of 3 pieces with large bowl of 1050 ml, medium bowl of 750 ml and smaller bowl of 575 ml with MRP of Rs.495/-. Also available MELODY soup set of 12 pieces with MRP of Rs.495/-. Tea series: – FONTANA cup set of 6 pieces of 120 ml each with saucer with MRP of Rs.475/-, MIRANDA cup set of 6 pieces of 110 ml each with saucer for Rs.475/-. PRINCESS cup and saucer set of 6 for Rs.525/-. Coffee series: – REGULAR cup set of 6 pieces of 120 ml with saucer for MRP of Rs.475/-. JAMAICA cup set of 6 pieces of 100 ml with saucer for MRP of Rs.475/-. 

LA OPLA Gift Sets

BOROSIL Mixing Bowls:-

BOROSIL Mixing bowls are available in 1.7 litres with MRP of Rs.495/-. Mixing bowls with plastic lids are available in 1.3 litres with MRP of Rs.465/-. Mixing bowls sets also available with and without plastic lids. Basic mixing bowls in set of 2 available as 500ml + 500ml with MRP of Rs.495/-. Flip tray is available in choice of grey and blue colour with MRP of Rs.495/-. Oil & dressing dispenser is available with nozzles in size of 500ml with MRP of Rs.495/-. Flame proof cook & store is available in 1.5 litres with MRP of Rs.475/-. 

Borosil Mixing Bowls

Vision classic glasses available as a set of 6 glasses large 350ml with MRP of Rs.475/-. Marina jug is available with glass handle in 1 litre with MRP of Rs.525/-. Crysto slim for Rs.490/- and Crysto wide for Rs.520/- for 1 litre glass bottles. Carafe with strainer in lid available in 1.0 & 1.2 litres with MRP of Rs.475/- & Rs.525/- respectively. Vision colour mugs is available in set of 6 in 190 ml size with choice of handles in blue, brown, yellow, pink indigo and green with MRP of Rs.495/- per set.

Vision Classic Glasses

PINNACLE Casseroles: –

Pallazio matt finish with steel liner thermo container available with capacity of 2500ml with MRP of Rs.495/- and in combinations of set of 2 from MRP of Rs.515 onwards. Panache metallic finish with steel liner thermo container available with capacity of 1200ml with MRP of Rs.480/-.

Pinnacle Casseroles

Parisa matt and metallic finish microwave safe thermo container with or without print available with capacity of 2500ml with MRP of Rs.525/-. Microwave safe containers are available without steel linings.

Parisa Matt

Pinnacle matt finish with steel liner thermo container available with capacity of 2000ml with MRP of Rs.475/- or in combinations of set of 2 or more from MRP of Rs.515 onwards. Pinnacle metallic finish with steel liner thermo container available with capacity of 2000ml with MRP of Rs.520/-.

Pinnacle Matt

Lunch box: –

Sunny with steel liner in 1800ml capacity for Rs.500/-. Jugs: – Apple in 3 litres with MRP of Rs.500/-and Platino in 4 litres with MRP of Rs.500/-.

Lunch Box

Water bottles Cum Flask:-

Water bottles cum flask: – Pebble in 300ml with MRP of Rs.500/-. Piala double walled vacuum insulated bottle with easy grip and sweat free in size 300ml with MRP of Rs.500/-.

Water Bottles Cum Flask


Varmora 3 containers set with spoon and fork with carry case as show below with MRP of Rs.460/-. 3 containers set as tower with spoon and fork with carry case as show below with MRP of Rs.490/-. 4 containers set with spoon, fork, and carry case as show below with MRP of Rs.499/-. 


NEELAM Dinner sets: –

Neelam Dinner Sets 5 pieces called premium containing large plate, sweet plate, bowl, glass, and spoon with MRP of Rs.465/-. 6 pieces set called diamond touch containing large plate, sweet plate, small bowl, big bowl, glass, and spoon with MRP of Rs.484/-. Cookware sets: – Steel finish flat bottom belly sauce pot with glass lid mainly for cook & serve in 16cms with MRP of Rs.510/-.

Neelam Dinner Sets

Tiffins: –

Mirror polish tiffin of 3 containers with steel lid on top is available in 9 inches diameter with MRP of Rs.469/-. Mirror polish tiffin of 4 containers with steel lid on top is available in 8 inches diameter with MRP of Rs.469/-. Tiffin bags: – Mirror polished elegant lunch kit with bag which keep food warm for 2-3 hours containing 2 double wall containers with unbreakable plastic lid with MRP of Rs.473/-. Stainless Steel belly puri dabba (7 x 9) 3 pieces set with laser etching in box with MRP Rs.495/-. 



Konnect Trio 3-in-1 multi-functional cable with output 3A, 1 meter in length with all 3 connectors such as Micro USB, lightning and Type C with MRP of Rs.499/- for model in grey and white colour. Mouse: – Toad 11 2.4Ghz wireless 3D ergonomically designed mouse with key life 3 million times, Nano USB receiver, click wheel, custom settings uses AAA battery for blue and grey colour with MRP of Rs.499/-. Car Chargers: – Car Power 2 with 4.8A car charger with 3 USB-A port compatible with most of the cars comes with 1-meter in-built cable to charge at optimal speed showing power status automatically with MRP of Rs.499/-.

Portronics Cables

AMKETTE- Hi-Speed 4 Port USB hub in mini size with maximum speed of data transfer up to 480 Mb per second with built in overload auto cut off features and in built USB cable for laptop / desktop with warranty of 1-year for MRP of Rs.499/-. Smart Cables to increase the performance and durability of your devices as they depend on the quality of design for charging, data transfer, high fidelity video and audio. Micro USB cable with 1.5-meter cables and 1-year warranty with MRP of Rs. 449/- as shown below.

AMKETTE Hi-Speed 4 Port USB Hub


Mona B is 100% eco-friendly brand which uses recycled, up cycled, and re-milled raw materials like India army tents and truck tarps to make their products with a minimal environmental footprint. The brand embraces the motto of “R, R, and U,” which is shorthand for “Reduce, Reuse, and Upcycle.” BOTTLE KOOZIE with MRP of Rs.500/-.


BATA PU Belt & Wallet:-

Brown colour PU belt with fixed buckle with MRP of Rs.499/-. PU Belts in brown and black printed with reversable buckle with MRP of Rs.499/-. Made in PU wallet with 8 card slots and 2 compartments for paper & 2 for cash in choice of both blue and brown colour with MRP of Rs.499/-. PU wallet in dark brown colour with 3 card holder compartments, 2 ID slots, 1 pocket for coins and 4 compartments for cash & paper with MRP Rs.499/-. 

BATA Brown Colour PU Belt

PARK AVENUE Grooming kits: –

Good Morning grooming kit with MRP of Rs.524/- with speed razor, shaving cream, brush, after shave lotion, talc, soap, deo with free travel pouch.

PARK AVENUE Grooming Kits

3M Products:-

Post-it® Self Stick Display Board or Memo Board or Sticky Boards the entire surface is sticky, and the long-lasting adhesive does not dry out. The surface can be cleaned to remove lint and dust to ensure items stick firmly and can be removed easily without traditional damaging pins, tacks, magnets, or tapes. Available in 16.5”x11.5” size as display or notice board, memory wall, activity wall, collaboration space etc. with MRP of Rs.500/-. 3M Scotch-Brite Lint Roller for removing lint, dust, and pet hairs from anywhere with MRP of Rs.499/-. Office and Computer Cleaners: CL630 Notebook Screen Cleaning Wipes are non-abrasive, non-streaking pre-moistened wipes which remove dust, fingerprints and smudges and are safe for notebook, tablet, flat panel, and CRT screens. 24 individually wrapped pre-moistened portable wipes in 4″ x 7″ size are available with MRP of Rs.500/-.

3M Product

MITVA Solar Light: –

Mitva Solar Light dual lighting mode with battery type LiFePO4 3.2V, rating of 300mAh, brightness level of 50 Lumens and backup of 3 to 5 hours with 1 LED of 0.5W. Two brightness stages of 0.5W & 0.2W with solar panel of 0.3W, option of grid charging with MRP of ₹495/- and warranty of one year. Please see below for more choices in solar lights. solar products are accredited by MNRE and TERI matching all global quality standards. 

MITVA Solar Light

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