Stress Massagers

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  • Wooden Stress Massagers
    Wooden Stress Massagers
  • Stress Massagers
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Stress Massagers

As the desk jobs are increasing and the young working force is getting more and more restless the need of Stress Massagers is increasing. Ideally it can be in the form of smiley balls which can be given different shapes and size to help the working force release their stress. Also known as stress busters helps in releasing stress by doing some physical activities to break the monotonous nature of the job. Your shape and size can be created against bulk orders by making the mould which can have your branding to ensure exclusivity for your Company. We are the Indian manufacturers and exporters of promotional gifts and customized odd items.
New wooden stress free items range to excite the target audience, like Wooden ball to press to release stress, Wooden corn shaped item to press, Wooden roller to rub with both palms, Back roller to relieve pain, Knee roller, Feet roller, Face and forehead roller , Wooden belt to massage the back body etc..
  • Wood Stress Massagers
  • Wooden Stress Relivers

Wooden Stress Massagers

  • Stress Reliver Articles
  • Stress Reliver Balls

Stress Relievers

The items are excellent to release the stress by natural means.
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