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High Quality Promotional Products and Corporate gifts in Bangalore, India

Corporate gifts allow companies- large and small- to welcome new clients, thank existing ones, or woo and impress potential clients. Many corporate gifts that are embellished with a company logo, allows companies to discreetly stay in the consciousness of clients and partners. In this way, a corporate gifts facilitates advertising requirements. Choosing the right corporate gifts is extremely important and the money you spend on corporate gifts will often be returned to you multi fold in the form of future generated business.The variety of Corporate Gifts is matched only by the variety of companies that give them.

Sparket Marketing Private Limited is a corporate gifts company engaged in the manufacture and export of supreme quality Custom Mouse pads, Drink Coasters, Promotional T-shirts, Promotional Caps, Promotional Mugs, Company Diaries, Promotional pens, Leather Gifts, Promotional Wallets Leather, Natural Stress Massagers, Promotional Carry Bags, Jute Bags, Wine Bags, Clocks Gifts, Promotional Keychains, Wooden Items, Custom Calendars, Customized Note Pads, Mementos, Crystal Momentos, Personal Utility Products, Brassware, Food Carriers, Table Tops, Picture Gifts, custom gift boxes,umbrellas, candle stand, cosmetics gift sets, perfumes, incense gift sets etc.. A corporate gifts company, Sparket is known for supplying unbeatable business promotional products that have made an indelible impact across the industry verticals. Our commitment for excellence and passion for quality products have shown us the way to growth and prosperity. The Kolkata & Bangalore (India) based Company has progressed by leaps and bounds with its determination to provide complete customer satisfaction through custom made unmatchable business promotional products .

Whats-App Us Please @ + 91 984 5533 613 !!!

Email us your logo or artwork and we will make you a mousepad / coaster sample

Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts allow companies - large and small- to welcome new staffs, new clients, thank existing ones, or woo and impress potential customers.


Custom Mousepads
Mousepads Mouse Mats
Promotional Mouse Mats


Corporate Leather Gifts
Promotional Wallet
Promotional Bags


Company Shirts
Business T Shirts
T Shirt Printing


Promotional Coffee Mug
Promotional mug Cups
Custom Coffee Cups Mugs Gifts Gift Mugs


Custom Diaries
Promotional calendars Custom
Stickers Promotional Calendar


Logo Hats
Promotional Hats
Promotional Caps


Imprinted Pens
Pens Gifts Custom Pens
Promotional Pen Logo Pens


Promotional Keyrings
Promotional Key Chain
Promotional Key Rings


Promotional Bags
Promotional Tote Bag
Travel Bags

Sparket Marketing Private Limited
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Philosophy, Vision, Mission & Goal of Sparket

Congratulations to all for completion of our 34th anniversary and time to revisit our philosophy, vision, mission and goals.


OUR PHILOSOPHY -To  pleasantly surprise our team members, customers, vendors and community at large.


OUR VISION -Work place as comfortable as an ideal home full of healthy relationships to learn, grow, excel and fulfill oneself.


OUR MISSION - Always start with trust and support wholeheartedly for meaningful growth of all for ever lasting peace and happiness.


OUR GOAL - 100 crores yearly business by March 2026.

Corporate Gifts From India: Reliability from a 30+ Year Old Company

We started on October 29, 1986 and few of our team members are still with us and some of them have even celebrated silver jubilees with us. Few colleagues are over two decades old and many are over a decade old. The trained team at Bangalore and Kolkata ensures that we bring reliability to the table when you deal with us. Many of our corporate customers has been dealing with us since early 1990s and currently we have over 200 large companies who source most of their corporate gift requirements from us. To ensure reliability we insist on getting approved from you on the final sample which will be compared with the actual deliveries to ensure that we live to our promise of SPARKET CORPORATE GIFTS for pleasant surprises. Accidents do happen and more so in our nature of business where we deal with varieties of products but our intention remains to live up to our promise and own the responsibilities for the shortcomings, if any? The best proof of that is when you call us back for your next requirements and strongly refer us to your other departments and contacts.

Really great work
Thank you for your fast and efficient service. We are satisfied with yourproduct, a friendly approach and professional service.

Sparket Marketing Private Limited

Sparket delivers anopportunity to transform the way promotional products are
presented and purchased across the desk. Sparket has become the most responsive
and innovative organization in the business gift market

Sparket Marketing Private Limited

We regularly workwith team of brand, marketing,
sales, HR and admin managers to be able to understand and better connect with their
target audience to help them achieve their end objectives

Sparket Marketing Private Limited

Our strength lies insoft skills which includes modelling,
empowerment, team work, values and execution and constant changes
for continuous improvements


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