Promotional Caps With Your Company Logo

Promotional caps with your company logo can be printed in multi colors at the front and the back of the cap with combinations of different colour fabrics to associate with your house colors and brand. The price depends on the quality of the fabrics used for the caps and the inner linings. The number of panels used while stitching whether 5 or 6 decide the actual cost of production. The cost also depends on the number of colours required for printing with size of the printing matter, at number of places and overall quantities ordered at one time. If you need holes at the top of the caps for air circulation, then that also add cost to the cap as extra stitching is required at panels. All the below images are with 5 panels but to understand difference with 6 panels club 7 holidays image can be viewed below at the embroidered section.

Caps & Hats
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Promotional Mugs and Cups With Your Company Logo

Promotional mugs with your company logo and message is a great corporate gift for one and all whether they are your consumers, customers, employees, channel partners or business associates. You can design the mug artwork in such a way that message facing the mug holder is different than the message facing the viewer sitting opposite. The multicolour logo can be in photo quality printing and each mug can be customized with the photo of the recipient. The common theme, event or message can be printed on one side and personalisation can be done on the other side or the group photo can be printed on the mugs and given to all the participants. The usual milk mug capacity is 300 ml which can also be used as the table top pen stand or souvenir. Many products are launched and movies released with mugs as the memento to be given away for public to carry back in remembrance of the gala event. The smaller mug capacity is 200 ml and is used mainly for drinking daily tea or the coffee with branding of the company logo. Few companies print and use mugs to remind the next initiative, milestone or goal of the group or the division.

Cup & Mugs
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Everyday Use Cost Effective Corporate Gifts – Keychains 2 (Acrylic, Fabric, Leather, Metal, Plastic, Wooden & Moulded Plastic Keychains)

Keychains Part 2: Acrylic keychains, Fabric keychains, Leather keychains, Metal keychains, Plastic keychains, Wooden keychains & Moulded Plastic keychains with Minimum Order Quantity.

In the earlier series of everyday use cost effective corporate gifts – keychains 1 we covered various choices available in ready stocks for very low quantity order of only 50 numbers. However, if you need larger quantities at cost effective prices with the sole function of the keychains only then the various choices in acrylic, fabric, leather, metal, plastic, silicone rubber and the wood are as given below: –

Acrylic Keychains: –

The advantages in acrylic is that you can do screen printing, pad printing, photo quality printing, paper insert or printing sandwiched inside to avoid fading etc. The branding is visible on both sides giving you higher space to convey your message prominently. Production is faster and price is low with light weight keychain in your choice of color of acrylic sheet.
Acrylic Keychains
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