Corporate Gifts From A PIN TO A PLANE!

Corporate Gifts From A PIN TO A PLANE!

EVERYTHING FROM A PIN TO A PLANE and we have indeed supplied a cargo company desktop gift item with a plane. We have made miniature models of buses and tractors replicating their full-size models through moulds as desktop items. Just to make it easy for you we are giving list of the most used corporate gifts which are as follows: –

MOUSE PADS: – Mousepad with your artwork to remind the user about your products 24×7. 

COASTERS:Coasters single or as set of 2, 4 or 6 made in foam, rubber, leather, plastic, acrylic, steel, wooden, brass, metal, silicone, glass, cork, tin with branding on both sides. Read More

Shortlisting Appropriate Corporate Gifts made easy

Let’s begin by classifying various recipients so that depending on their role and profile the budget can be decided. The budget helps in shortlisting the various product choices available to get the maximum mileage keeping end objective in mind.

  • Consumers, 
  • Customers, 
  • Partners, 
  • Influencers, 
  • Employees and 
  • Business associates 
Corporate Gifting Solutions

CONSUMERS: – The correct definition of the consumer is the actual user or end consumer of your product or services. Since the lifetime value of a consumer is very high most of the brands are willing to invest high budget to influence and acquire new users. Offer something they cannot refuse and, in the process, end up trying your new product and hopefully, you have acquired another new consumer. Read More


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