Branded Corporate Gifts Between MRP Rs.250 to Rs.350/-

Please select from numerous well-known brands such as Bombay Dyeing, Nippo, La Opala, Borosil, Pinnacle, Varmora, Neelam, Mona B, Bata, Cello, 3M & tag8 gifting products between MRP Rs.250/- to Rs.350/- each. The products range provide wide choices starting from towels, rechargeable LED torches, coffee mugs, tea & cup plates, bowls, plates, glasses, jugs, mugs, bottles, casseroles, lunch boxes, jugs, sippers, containers, eco-friendly can koozie, card holders, metal pens, squeegee, picture hanging strips & security tags etc. 

BOMBAY DYEING range of Towels consisting of nature’s bouquet soya, organic and bamboo with no pesticides, no lubricants with pure organic cotton. Natural antibacterial bamboo fibre is blended with cotton to make it hypoallergic, highly absorbent, ultra-soft with no odour. Towels in all sizes, colour and price band is available with us in ready stocks in various sizes in 100% Cotton. 
Bombay Dyeing
NIPPO a household name in India since 1972 has been providing millions of its customers with a quality and performance that is second to none. Rechargeable led torches in choice of Phoenix with 1200 mAh Li-ion battery with USB charging port with 1-watt LED and quick charging within 3.5 hours with MRP of Rs.275/-. Equipped with built-in surge protectors to keep your appliances safe from spikes in the flow of different voltage or frequency in different parts of the world. Flexbox in ABS body with universal socket, modular switch, interconnected socket with nickel bar with round untwist-able cable for ultra-smooth rotation with power load of 1.5KW, 6A, 240V with MRP of Rs. 349/- for 4 meters cable. Travel Adaptors in ABS body with supply indication in red fast charging dual USB port (2.1 Amps) with nickel coated universal socket with surge protection of 2.5KV with MRP of Rs.350/-.

Led Torches and Travel Adaptors

LA OPALA introduced opal glass technology, which is break resistant, toughened, extra strong, 100% hygienic, super white & light, scratch resistant, free of bone ash, microwave, and dishwasher safe. QUADRA COFFEE CUP set of 6 pieces with capacity of 125 ml available with MRP of Rs.350/-. Tea series: – FONTANA cup set of 6 pieces of 120 ml each for MRP of Rs.325/- & MIRANDA cup set of 6 pieces of 110 ml each available for Rs.325/-. Coffee series: – REGULAR cup & JAMAICA cup set of 6 pieces available for Rs.300/-. 

LA OPALA Coffee Series

BOROSIL Mixing bowls are available in 350ml & 500ml with MRP of Rs.275/- & Rs.315/- respectively. Mixing bowls with plastic lids are available in 350ml & 500ml with MRP of Rs.315/- & Rs.355/- respectively. Katoris set of 6 in small size available in different shapes with MRP of Rs.295/- as both flame proof and ordinary. Microwavable plates available in 22cm for MRP of Rs.325/- each. 

Borosil Mixing Bowls

Oil & dressing dispenser is available with MRP of Rs.325/-. Flame proof cook & store is available in 400ml with MRP of Rs.325/-. Klip-N-store is available in rectangular shape in 370ml with MRP of Rs.315/-. Vision classic glasses available as a set of 6 glasses for juice in 120ml with MRP of Rs.295/-. Marina jug is available in 600ml with MRP of Rs.315/-. Caster & Amphora jugs in non-borosilicate are available in 1 litre with MRP of Rs.315/- each. Vision classic mugs available as set of 2 in 120ml with MRP of Rs.315/-. Classic milk & sugar pot set of 270 ml each available with MRP of Rs.360/-.

Oil and Dressing Dispenser

PINNACLE Casseroles: – Pallazio matt finish with steel liner thermo container with capacity of 1000ml with MRP of Rs.290/-. Panache metallic finish with steel liner thermo container available either individually as shown below with capacity of 600ml with MRP of Rs.300/-. 

Pinnacle Casseroles

Pinnacle matt finish with steel liner thermo container available either individually as shown below with capacity of 1000ml with MRP of Rs.290/-. Pinnacle metallic finish with steel liner thermo container available as shown below with capacity of 500ml with MRP of Rs.280/-.

Pinnacle Matt

Sipper bottles: – for both hot and cold beverages as Eagle in 400ml with insulated bag with MRP of Rs.300/-. Water jugs: – SAGA as shown below in 1.5litres with MRP of Rs.300/-.

Sipper Bottles

VARMORA ISO certified, BPA free and US FDA approved in various gift sets for your elite consumers, employees, trade partners and business associates with carry case for Rs.299/- which also includes spoon and fork of matching colours. Double decker with MRP of Rs.329/- in red and green colour with fixed space for spoon and fork. 

Varmora Gift Sets

The next two choices are with carrying case with MRP Rs.349/- in transparent containers of round and square shapes with spoon and fork. 

Varmora Transparent Containers

NEELAM Mug & glass sets: – mug set of 2 pieces in 70 mm double wall strong body with high quality stainless steel in different shapes used for drinking tea, coffee & milk in choice of Classic with MRP of Rs.250/-, 70mm with MRP of Rs.290/-, Sober small with MRP of Rs. 310/-. Water bottles: Fridge bottles with steel or sipper cap is available in matt finish in size of 500 ml with MRP of Rs.347/-. Gym bottle either with steel or sipper cap is available in matt finish in size of 500 ml with MRP of Rs.347/-. 

NEELAM Mug and Glass Sets

Tiffins: – Steel finish Double Decker tiffin contains one plate for vegetable and container for roti or paratha available in size of 9 inches diameter with MRP of Rs.292/-. Mirror polish tiffin of 2 containers with steel lid on top is available in sizes of 8 inches diameter with MRP of Rs.292/- & 9 inches diameter with MRP of Rs.354/-. Mirror polish tiffin of 3 containers with steel lid on top is available in size of 7 inches diameter with MRP of Rs.292/-.


MONA B brand is a 100% eco-friendly brand which uses recycled, up cycled, and re-milled raw materials like India army tents and truck tarps to make their products with a minimal environmental footprint. The brand embraces the motto of “R, R, and U,” which is shorthand for “Reduce, Reuse, and Upcycle.” LUGGAGE TAGS with MRP of Rs.275/-. CAN KOOZIE with MRP of Rs.350/-.

Mona B

BATA PU card holder in brown colour with 6 card slots and 1 compartment for cash with MRP of Rs.349/-.

Bata PU Card Holder

CELLO Signature premium metal ball pens for smoothest writing experience with twist mechanism as LEGACY specially crafted with distinctive brown leather print design graced with gold plated components and TREASURE upscaled with premium brass, contrived to a black lustrous look further enriched with gold plated components with MRP of Rs.300/- each. Signature premium metal roller pens for smoothest writing experience with premium German ink ORIGIN engineered with magnetic snap-on lid mechanism, smooth black matt finish & endowed with gold plated components with MRP of Rs.300/-.

Cello Signature Premium Metal Ball Pens

3M Scotch-Brite Squeegee is great for both bath and shower doors with streak free cleaning with comfortable grip for MRP of Rs.300/-. Now even the Squeegee Economy is available at a lower price with good grip. Ask for our bathroom and floor Squeegee. Broom lasts longer with no dust from the broom, water resistant, easy hair and dust dislodge, flexible and reaches corners as 3M uses flat fibre for fine dust removal with less back strain due to long handle which can be removed to use as duster with MRP of Rs.350/-. 3M Picture & Frame Hanging: – Command™ Large Picture Hanging Strips holds up to 7.2 kgs for frames up to 24”x36” size with 4 sets of strips for MRP of Rs.299/- available in both white and black colours.

3M Scotch Brite Squeegee

tag8 introduced tracker enabled products with an objective to secure valuables and significantly increase the percentage of lost valuables returned to their rightful owner. KEY SECURITY TAG: – In-built NFC chip that talks to your phone with high performance, water and heat resistant epoxy tag material with MRP of Rs.349/-.

Tag Key Security Tag

Please refer to our earlier blogs branded corporate gifts below MRP Rs.150 , “Branded Corporate Gifts Between MRP Rs.150/- to Rs.250/- and await our next blog which will cover all branded products from MRP Rs.350/- onwards to make it easy for you to pick up from the best choice to impress all your esteemed recipients. 

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