Coasters as Best Customised Corporate Gifts

You can promote your business through cost effective medium by printing your bullet points on a single coaster to set of six. Again, you can print on both sides of a coaster to distribute whole year calendar to your target audience. You can even use it as a wedding invitation card to be different and impressive at the same time. Advantage of photo quality printing, any shape and size with varied choice of bottom base such as foam, rubber, cork, wood, steel, plastic helps you achieve your end objective within the given budget. What more you can even go for limited quantity depending on the event at very short notice. We give you protective knurling lamination to increase the life of the printed matter on the coasters to ensure you get full mileage out of your promotional activities. Please see below various promotional activities done by the others to suit the best for your product and brand.

Customised coasters with photo quality printing with bottom base of foam, rubber, cork as shown below: –

Customised coasters with photo quality printing with bottom base of foam, rubber, cork

We will request you to send us your artwork and we will make you few samples to select the right bottom base for your set of coasters.

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Jackets As The New Year Corporate Gift

Persons wearing a jacket with the company logo on the chest and message behind moves around proudly conveying his belongingness to a team, group, division, company or association to the rest of the world.

The type of the jacket can be selected depending on the climatic conditions to go with the corporate house color keeping in mind the following: –

  1. the profile of the wearer i.e. delivery person, field person, use within the office
  2. user either on the bike or in the car,
  3. the purpose to protect against rain, wind, climate etc.
  4. sleeveless or full sleeves, with or without hood, one sided or reversible
  5. with padding, lining or netting inside

Jackets one sided in different colours and patterns with embroidery in the front and printing at the back as shown below: –



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Calendars : Best Corporate Gifts For The New Year

Custom logo and brand message printed new year table top calendars are best corporate gifts for corporate employees and customers.

Calendars are the best New Year Corporate Gifts as the shelf life of the same is one full year and beyond in cases where the calendar can serve longer period and even lifetime. If the quantities are not much then you can pick up from an available design with the space to print or stick your details. Otherwise you can customize each page including the size, length, height, pages, design, paper, material etc. Again, you can choose to go with a wooden, metal, plastic, table top or wall hanging depending on your target audience and their preference for the calendars.

Stainless steel lifetime calendars with and without clock with space for your branding are given below:

New Year Table Calendar
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Best Corporate Gifts for The New Year!

The best corporate gifts for the new year is a genuine leather or leatherette bound cover with provision for refilling it with diary, planner, notebooks or even writing pads. Depending on the budget and the target audience you can shortlist pure leather or attractive looking leatherette with the name of the person embossed at the front to make it personalised. Your company logo can be embossed inside to constantly remind the recipient about you. If the quantity is rather large, then you can go ahead with inserting customised pages in the beginning or at the end. Depending on your business the refill can have monthly inserts at the beginning of every month to remind the user about you and your range of products. Each page can be water marked with your logo, slogans, quotes to impress the user. The option remains with you to send each user the refill at the end of each year or leave on them to buy it from their regular stationers. Various readymade choices are given below at attractive prices with no minimum quantity conditions till stocks last.

Genuine leather premium notebook with Swarovski Pen in black and brown colour as per images given below: –

BD 33 ML Black Genuine Leather Premium Notebook With Swarovski Pen

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