Branded Corporate Gifts Between MRP Rs.550 to Rs.650/-

Please select from numerous well-known brands such as Bombay Dyeing, Neelam, La Opala, Borosil, Pinnacle, Varmora, Nippo, Bata, VIP, Mona B, Portronics, Ubon, Amkette & 3M gifting products with MRP between Rs.550/- to Rs.650/-. The products range provide wide choices starting from suiting, shirting, towel sets, insulated water bottles, dinner sets, cookware sets, stainless steel sets, tiffin, dessert set, soup set, tea set, bowls, casseroles, dishes, oil dispenser, storage jars, lunch boxes, cooler box, water bottles, flasks, sippers, sports bottles, spike guard, rechargeable bulb, shaving pouch, duffle bag, eco-friendly wine bags, mouse, cables, office and computer keyboard cleaning kits, surface writing and self-sticking boards. 

BOMBAY DYEING REGALO suiting & shirting combo with shirting size of 2.25meter polyester and suiting size of 1.25meter poly viscos packed as shown below with MRP of Rs. 649/-. Towels in various sizes 75cm x150cm, 70cm x140cm, 60cm x120cm, 40cm x 60cm & 30cm x30cm in 100% cotton.
NEELAM Double wall insulated water bottles 18/8 stainless steel inside & outside for 24 hours cooling & 18 hours heating with latest vacuumed technology with leak proof cap available in matt finish in 500 ml with MRP of Rs.631/-. Dinner sets: – Laser etched 6 pieces set containing large plate, sweet plate, small bowl, big bowl, glass, and spoon with MRP of Rs.589/-. Cookware sets: – Steel finish flat bottom belly sauce pot with glass lid mainly for cook & serve in choice of 18cms with MRP of Rs.605/-. Tiffin: – Mirror polish tiffin of 4 containers with steel lid on top is available in 9 inches diameter with MRP of Rs.592/-.

Neelam Water Bottles

Dura lite tiffin with attractive insulated bag to keep food warm for longer containing 3 containers of 7 inches diameter with MRP of Rs.580/-. Mirror polish tiffin of 3 containers with 2 steel plates and one steel lid on top to keep food warm for 2 – 3 hours is available in 7 inches diameter with MRP of Rs.638/-. Steel finish Dry Fruits Dabba with leak proof lid & plastic holder inside is available in 2 sizes with MRP of Rs.590/-.

Dry Fruits Dabba

LA OPALA introduced opal glass technology, which is break resistant, toughened, extra strong, 100% hygienic, super white & light, scratch resistant, free of bone ash, microwave, and dishwasher safe. QUADRA COFFEE TIME gift set of 8 pieces consisting of 6 coffee cups with capacity of 125 ml and 2 snack bowls with 120 ml capacity for MRP of Rs.575/-. Also available CLASSIQUE dessert set of 7 pieces for Rs.575/- & soup sets of 12 pieces for Rs.575/-. PRINCESS cup and saucer tea set of 6 for Rs.525/-.


BOROSIL Mixing bowls are available in 2.5 litres with MRP of Rs.615/-. Round casseroles are available in 700 ml & 1.0 litres with MRP of Rs.525/- & Rs.625/- respectively. Dishes available in square, rectangular & oval shape in 1.6 litres size with MRP of Rs.615/-, with option of handles in 800ml size with MRP of Rs.585/-. Choice of lid for storing purpose in square shape in 800ml with MRP of Rs.625/-. Mixing bowl set of 2 with plastic lid of 350ml with MRP of Rs.635/-. Souffle dish of 1.5 litres with MRP of Rs.635/-.

BOROSIL Mixing Bowls

Bake N Serve cake dishes in 1.5 litres with MRP of Rs.595/-. Dessert sets with oval baking dish of 700ml and 6 katoris of 170ml available with MRP of Rs.575/-. Combination sets available as Oval Baking Dish of 700ml and Round Klip-n-Store of 620ml with MRP of Rs.650/- for the set. Basic mixing bowls in set of 2 available as 900ml + 900 ml or 500ml + 1.3 litres with MRP of Rs.595/- for each set. Oil & dressing dispenser is available with nozzles in size of 1.0 litres with MRP of Rs.595/-. 

Bake N Serve Cake Dishes

Klip-N-store is available in rectangular shape in 1.04 litres with MRP of Rs.575/- & square shape in 1 litre with MRP of Rs.625/-. Classic storage jar of 1.5 litres with MRP of Rs.595/- and set of 2 of 300ml each with MRP of Rs.575/-, square shape jar of 1.4 litres with MRP of Rs.645/- respectively. Stack and store jar set of 2 of 600ml each with MRP of Rs.615/-, with silicone grip in size of 1.5 litre with MRP Rs.645/- & vacuum seal wide jar in 1.45 litres with MRP of Rs.645/-. Klip-N-store set of 2 in square + round shape of 320ml + 400ml with MRP of Rs.610/- and set of 2 in round of 240ml + 400ml with MRP of Rs.595/- respectively. Microwavable glass lunch boxes made of 100% borosilicate glass available in square with 520ml capacity with MRP of Rs.525/-, round with 620 ml capacity with MRP of Rs.545/-.

Klip N Store

Basic glass lunch boxes made of Borosilicate glass is the ideal lunch box to carry home cooked meals to office. Heat your food in the glass lunch containers and eat it too without the fear of chemicals leeching in your meal. Available in square shape as set of 2 in size of 320ml each with MRP of Rs.625/-. Marina jug of 1.3 litres with MRP of Rs.585/-. Carafe with strainer in lid available in 1.0 litres with MRP of Rs.635/-. Classic tea sets with 2 mugs of 190 ml each with Carafe kettle of 650ml with MRP of Rs.625/-. 

Basic Glass Lunch Boxes

PINNACLE Lunch box: – Shown images below of Penta-Go thermo lunch box with MRP of Rs.600/-. Sunny football with steel liner in 1800ml capacity for Rs.600/-. Cooler boxes: – Eskimo available in capacity of 4.5 litres with MRP of Rs.600/-.


Water bottles & flask: – double walled vacuum insulation ensures your beverage remains hot or cold for up to 24 hours. Pebble in 400ml with MRP of Rs.600/-. Pika with handle in 340ml with MRP Rs.575/- in black, white, and silver colour. Piala double walled vacuum insulated bottle with easy grip and sweat free in size 400 ml with MRP of Rs.600/-. Presco is a classic sports bottle which keeps your beverage cold up to 24 hours with the straw mouth lid and an easy to carry strap to give ease of use in size 350ml with MRP of Rs.550/-. 

Water Bottles and Flask

VARMORA Tiffin lunch boxes: – Set of 4 with bottle, spoon, fork and carry case as show below in yellow with MRP of Rs.599/-. Full day meal lunch with round set of 4 containers with spoon, fork and carry case in blue and red colours for Rs.599/-. Jumbo smart lunch in set of 4 with bottle, spoon, fork and carry case as show below in yellow with MRP of Rs.599/-.

VARMORA Tiffin Lunch Boxes

NIPPO a household name in India since 1972 has been providing millions of its customers with a quality and performance that is second to none. Spike Guard in ABS body with universal socket, brass coated nickel socket, interconnected socket with nickel bar with fire retardant cable and fuse protection for overpower load with power load of 1.5KW, 6A, 240V with 2.5 KV surge protection with MRP of Rs.549/- for 4 meters cable with 4 sockets. MRP of Rs.650/- for 6 sockets with cable length of 2 meters also available. RECHARGEABLE LED BULB: – of 9 watts operated with BMS (Battery Management System) with backup time up to 3.5 hours with surge protector of 1.5 KV with 2000 mAh Li-ion battery with maximum 10 hours charging with 500+ rechargeable cycle with operating voltage of 110-230 VAC with MRP of Rs.599/-.


BATA shaving pouches: – with single compartment with zipper and strap in Matty and PU tan colour with MRP of Rs.599/-.

BATA Shaving Pouches

VIP DUFFLE BAGS: – ARISTOCRAT RACE DUFFLE in size 52 cm with MRP of Rs.629/-. 


MONA B Single WINE BAG with MRP of Rs.600/-. 


PORTRONICS – Fabrik Mouse as high-speed wireless mouse ergonomically designed with AAA battery, adjustable DPI, Nano USB Receiver, optical Orientation with MRP of Rs.599/- in blue, grey, and orange colour.


UBON Cables: – Power Cord 3-in-1 2.4A fast charging with data sync 1-meter with auto sense technology as strong and durable no knotting cable available as model WR-451 with MRP of Rs.599/-.

UBON Cables

AMKETTE Smart Cables to increase the performance and durability of your devices as they depend on the quality of design for charging, data transfer, high fidelity video and audio. USB Type – C cable with 1.5-meter cables and 1-year warranty with MRP of Rs. 599/-. 

AMKETTE Smart Cables

3M Office and Computer Cleaners: 674 Keyboard Cleaning Kit with scrubbing tool designed to remove dirt from keys and fits into hard-to-reach places on keyboards, fax machines etc with two depths on scrubbing tool to adapt to all types of keyboards. Cleaning solution helps cut through grime, grease and fingerprints and fits into hard-to-reach places on keyboards, telephones, and fax machines for better cleaning. 1 keyboard cleaning kit comes with 15ml bottle, 1 cleaning tool and 3 finishing cloths with MRP of Rs.600/-. Post-it® My color wall, Post-it® Dry Erase Surface Writing Board with 3M’s proprietary film, suitable for regular White Board markers in bright, attractive designs and colours in A3 size with MRP of Rs.599/-. Post-it® Self Stick Display Board or Memo Board or Sticky Boards the entire surface is sticky, and the long-lasting adhesive does not dry out. The surface can be cleaned to remove lint and dust to ensure items stick firmly and can be removed easily without traditional damaging pins, tacks, magnets, or tapes. Available in 18”x23” size as display or notice board, memory wall, activity wall, collaboration space etc. with MRP of Rs.650/-.

3M Office and Computer Cleaners

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