Birthday Gifts for Corporate Employees!

happy-birthday-chocolate-corporate-giftsHuman resource department has a mandate to keep the employees excited and happy and the best way to achieve the same in a cost effective manner is to give gift chocolate box to each employee on their birthday. Depending on the budget the gift hamper can be prepared and given to HR department at the beginning of each month which they can distribute to each team to be handed over to the eligible employee on the respective day by the particular department. Apart from giving the gift the colleagues too get a chance to remember and wish the particular person as the same is celebrated by the closed knit team.

Few enterprising companies have designed a box with “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” written as a piece of the chocolate thereby involving the families too when the person carries the box back home in the evening. Now every employee looks forward to their birthday when the day will be celebrated by his close knit team or by the whole department.

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Launch of New Ideas at Gifts World Expo 2016!

sparket-corporate-gifts-expo-768x387Sparket Corporate Gifts launched two new products at Gifts World Expo 2016 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on July 29 – 31, along with their earlier first product which was launched last year 2015 during the same month! Both the images are displayed here as that was the starting of our new division called PROMOTION AND DISTRIBUTION through corporate gifting channel partners! First year we started with one product to which we added two more products before the end of first year and the plan is to have over 12 products at the end of 2 years of operations!. Gifting channel partners are usually one man operations and due to limited bandwidth deal with unorganized sectors for all their products which many times are substandard resulting in loss of image and business due to increase in unhappy customers! At the same time there are many good manufacturers who start their operations in the retail segment and usually finds stagnation after the initial start due to lack of new customers trying out the new products or concepts.

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Buy Online Cheap Multi Functional Mobile Stand from Sparket

multi-function-mobile-stand-300x266Multipurpose Mobile stand is an ideal cost effective gift for the people on the move whether your employees or customers. It can be fixed on the windscreen or table for more ease and comfort of use of your devices which can be either smartphone or tablet. The super strong suction ensures that your devices are safe and flexible with rotating head for the perfect angle for ease of operations of the devices.

The salient features of the Multifunctional Mobile Stand is as follows:-

  • Multi-functional mobile stand (for home / office / car use)
  • Super strong suction
  • Works with all smartphones and tablets
  • Can be used in car as a hands free
  • Can be used in car for listening to music
  • Can be used in the car for GPS navigation
  • 360 degree rotating head, with 180 degree angle adjustment
  • Very flexible, can be adjusted to any angle desired
  • 3 side branding space
  • Colors available red, yellow, green and blue

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Buy Online Power Banks of Various Capacities from Sparket

Supremo Power Bank C27 (with LCD Display)

Mobile is the innovation which has changed the world but due to increased usage the battery tends to get discharged very fast. The Power Banks has been designed keeping so that you can charge your smart phones, tablets while on the move. Moreover you even have a choice of charging multiple devices and simultaneously reminding your clients about your logo brand. You have a choice of Power Bank Chargers from 2000 mAh to 15000 mAh at various price points to go ahead with your planned promotion to increase your brand recalls.

The salient features of the various Power Banks are as follows:-


  • High quality, brand new A grade battery
  • LCD display to indicate the battery status
  • Built in torch for emergency use, just press the power button twice to switch on or off.
  • Huge 15000 mAh capacity! Can charge iPhones and other smart phones 4-6 times!
  • Build with safety in mind. Protection from short – circuit, Over – current, Over – charge, Over – discharge
  • Auto switch off after charging is completed.
  • Dual USB power bank

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Buy Online Promotional Bags (Folding Travel, Toiletry and Zip Bags)

Toiletry Kit – 4 Layered with Detachable Bag

Travelling made that much easy and fun with choice of folding travel, zip and toiletry bags. When you do the last minute shopping and need to carry the extra luggage just open the pouch to make it a full travel bag. There are time when you would like to excite your target audience by giving them the adorable gifts which you would love to receive from your favorite brands. The above gifts will make you feel special because you have selected the best gifts for your most important clients.

The salient features of the various Folding Bags are as follows:-

(A) Toiletry Kit – 4 layered with detachable bag

  • Your daily needs folds into a compact pouch
  • Can be hanged when opened, so everything is easily accessible
  • Transparent pockets so you can see items kept inside
  • Pockets are partitioned so that you can compartmentalize various items as per their usage
  • Special detachable pockets for medicines etc.
  • Extra pockets at the back for easy access to products
  • Great branding area to remind the user about you!

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Promotional Products: The Guideline How to Short List!

Promotional Products

As the name signifies the sole purpose of a promotional product is to promote your product and brand. To create awareness the big brands with deep pockets start with newspaper ads which spills over to hoardings and televisions. Once the introductory blitz is over the focus shifts to actual activation on the ground at the point of purchase to ensure enough trials and there by regular users for the product. Depending on the actual results campaign is tinkered for better penetration at the marketplace and resources are increased. However if the results are average then the market is allowed to decide the future of the product over the extended period of time. And in maximum cases the product is withdrawn as the results are not up to the expected plans. Being too aggressive or spending more is not the answer but to understand where to play and how to win the marketing warfare.

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Mega Trade Fair on Gifts, Housewares, Stationery & Writing Instruments in Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai, India

mumbai-event-sparket-corporate-giftsThis is with reference to our forthcoming Exhibition on Corporate & Personal Gifting, Promotional Gifts, Office & School Stationery, Housewares, Automation & Other Office Products “GIFTS INDIA – STATIONERY WORLD – WRITE SHOW 2015“, to be held in Mumbai at Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai, INDIA from 21st to 24th August 2015.

India’s Gift, Housewares, Stationery industry & Pens, Writing Instruments has successfully reinvented itself and retooled to focus on producing high-quality, design-driven products. Being the No.1 B2B trading platform, this event offers a one-stop sourcing venue, which unites top retailers and wholesalers. For the Asian market it is the summit of creativity, new product launches, and channel expansion.

(Our Event Brochure PDf Find Here @

More Detail Contact @

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Gifting Industry and The Process Making It More Organized

Which Came First The Chicken Or The Egg?

Which Came First The Chicken Or The Egg?

Sparket Corporate Gifts has been in existence for more than a decade out of almost 3 decades of their overall existence. During this period we experienced almost all branded products approaching us to sell their products to corporates to ensure more trial of their goods and services. Even corporates struggled with the dilemma of choosing between the branded goods which were very expensive or compromising with quality of unknown products and services. The challenge for corporates was much bigger with one man show companies where bandwidth was limited. To survive and flourish the lone warrior use to cut corners not only giving a bad name to the whole gifting industry but in process never becoming an organized player or helping the gifting industry to become more organized.

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Be Your Own Boss By Build A Partnership With Sparket Corporate Gifts

Brief History of Sparket Corporate Gifts

Sparket Corporate Gifts Leaflet

It was sometime during March 1984 that I came across an advertisement announcing earn Rs. 2000……, 3000…….. , 4000……. by walking in for an interview with Eureka Forbes Limited as their Sales Representative at Kolkata. I joined and learned my selling skills as door to door salesman. Within 3 months was promoted as supervisor and within a year was transferred to Mumbai as Head of Location. Next promotion came as Divisional Sales Manager and broke all existing records at the vacuum cleaner division to resign and start my own company Sparket Marketing Private Limited by October 1986.

A friend joined as partner and over almost 3 decades we two with the help of another 25 long settled colleagues are now looking to scale up the business beyond Kolkata and Bangalore to all over India. Many individuals has helped us reach where we are today and even now many well-wishers are planning and pushing hard for our greater success. We all are part of the human chain where success brings more success.

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How Corporate Gifts Are Influence On Company Branding?

Corporate Gifts Are Influence On Company Branding

Corporate Gifts will be in promoting your organization, the latest mystery weapon. In the event that you would like longing your planned client recalls your image name offering corporate endowments engraved on it and to eclipse your rival may turn into an update that is great.

There truly are a few reasons why offering organization presents ought to shape component of your promoting methods. In case you’re in uncertainty with respect to the publicizing worth just trust organizations give away exactly what number of a great many presents that are for the most part entirely costly every year? They give away valuable official presents or modest limited time things because of particular points of interest that accumulate with their organizations.

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