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Depending on the profile of the employee the gift is decided so may be for a factory or office worker a tiffin box is an ideal gift as they can use it every working day. Even for plumbers, masons, carpenters, painters and various other working profiles tiffin box is a daily utility promotional product. Tiffin boxes can be gifted to kids of all ages as they need one to carry to school. The market is so big for tiffin boxes that you get choice at each price point with plastic or steel containers. Air tight and even with insulations to keep the food warm for longer hours.
Every working person needs to have lunch during the break in the afternoon and the amount of Tiffin boxes in use is equal to the total working force in our Country. A worker earning very little to someone earning very high uses tiffin boxes. This is one reason why employer loves to give Tiffin boxes as gifts to their employees. It can be single container, 2 containers or even 3 with water bottle and a bag to make it easy for the people to carry their food. Mumbai has created famous Dabbawalas due to need of homemade lunch for the masses who prefers to have home food over the street food. Even where food is arranged by the employers because of taste and food preference it has been seen that employees carry their Tiffin to ensure that the particular items they enjoy is carried from home. From tiny totes to senior citizens working or away from home during afternoon needs the Tiffin boxes. Looking at the needs one has the choice of leak proof lid covers with electric plug points to ensure hot food and even bags which ensures that food remains hot for specified hours. We are the Indian manufacturers and exporters of promotional gifts and customized odd items.
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Food Carriers Lunch Tiffin Boxes

Corporate gifts allow companies- large and small- to welcome new clients, thank existing ones, or woo and impress potential clients. Many corporate gifts that are embellished with a company logo, allows companies to discreetly stay in the consciousness of clients and partners. In this way, a corporate gifts facilitates advertising requirements.
Choosing the right corporate gifts is extremely important and the money you spend on corporate gifts will often be returned to you multi fold in the form of future generated business. The variety of Corporate Gifts is matched only by the variety of companies that give them.


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