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Promotional gifts allow companies - large and small- to welcome new staffs, new clients, thank existing ones, or woo and impress potential customers. Gifts that are imprinted with a company logo, allows companies to create unique value of gifts with stays in the consciousness of partners & clients. In this way Corporate Promotional gifts does the advertising of the company and motivate the staffs, clients & partners. Choosing the correct gifts for your corporate is extremely important and the money you spend on corporate gifts will often be returned to you multi-times in the form of future generated business.

Promotional Custom Mouse Pad

Custom Mousepad and Promotional Mouse Pads

Mouse Pads are used to better control the cursor which jumps due to constant movement of the mouse. Depending on the mouse and the mouse pads the cursor can be better managed by the user.

Types of Mousepads are: 1.Foam Mouse Pads

The first generation mouse pads were with foam as the bottom surface with thickness varying from 4-6 mm. Later the thick pvc sheet was pasted on foam so as to protect the cardboard surface which used to get damaged due to continuous tracking of mouse in the initial stages. With the further improvement in the experience the thick pvc sheet (also called rigid) was replaced with soft pvc with knurling as lamination to overcome the jumping of the cursor due to usage of the optical mouse. This also made it possible to use paper as advertising material with soft knurling lamination at the top and foam as bottom surface with 2 mm foam in various colors to make it look truly promotional. The challenge with the foam mouse pad was that the whole pad used to move along with mouse and to overcome that non skid foam was formulated which was a great hit. Foam mouse pads were superior when it came to insert postcard, photos etc. from behind as the gap could be created in foam which was not possible in soft rubber base.

2.Rubber Mouse Pads

Since the life of foam mouse pad was limited to few months (without being a eye sore on the desk) rubber mouse pads were introduced. The immediate advantage was due to its heaviness the pad use to stick to the desk making it more comfortable to use the mouse. Even the heavy users liked it more due to ruggedness of the rubber base over foam base. The difference in price was justified due to longer life of the rubber base bottom mouse pads. Even early gamers preferred rubber mouse pads due to their non skid properties and better performance. On rubber base you can have cloth as top surface to make it more flexible.

3.Gel Mouse Pads

Users who faces shoulder pains prefers Gel filled at the palm rest space for the better ease of use and extra comfort. These type of pads are also known as arm rest or palm rest due to their specific features. Gel mouse pad rest can be transparent too with your products being advertised as floating miniscule items for higher brand recall and add that extra novelty to the whole experience.
The above three are the major types of mouse pads due to the base material used, usage and price points. However much more variants can be created depending on the use, budget and objectives. Please feel free to get in touch with us with your requirements. We have supplied big size mats for graphic purpose at industries and look forward to more such queries.
Promotional T-shirts

Promotional T Shirt:

Apparels end up making 30% of the total Corporate Gifts market and naturally the major share belongs to the t-shirts. Promotional T-shirts can be round or collar and different types of printing or embroidery can be done on the same to highlight your brand, logo or campaign. The variety of the t-shirts can be cotton, polyester or mix of the two to arrive at the purpose of usage, end objective within the given budget. The lower gsm (grams per square meter) means lower price and as the gsm increases the basic price goes up. The second price component is the mixing of the cotton and polyester to arrive at numerous combinations. In simple terms you need to iron cotton tees before wearing whereas the high polyester mixed one will be that much easy to wash and reuse. Multiple washing makes the yarn that much more smoother and technical term is known as mercerized. Compacting is another process used to ensure that the shrinkage is controlled within the permissible limits to avoid dissatisfaction among the users.
To make it easy for the buyer we have made various combinations at different price points in ready sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL) with choice of over 20+ fast moving colors. Because of this we surprise our customer many times by giving delivery within no time for last minute orders. Apart from this for bulk orders we can do your shade of color with multiple combinations. We can also support you for pricing within your budget by creating new combinations. Once you approve the sample only then we take up the job to your total satisfaction.
Hoodies, sweatshirts, cargos, jeans, wind sheeter, rain coats, jackets, caps are the other items in our apparel range.,
We prefer to send you one finished sample with your branding for your final approval before we take the bulk production to minimize the confusion, if any? Since the development cost comes more we will request you to pay the advance against samples which will be adjusted in your final order.
Promotional Bags

Promotional Bags:

Leather Bags are the best utility item one can think of while deciding on the promotional gift item. The budget can be decided as per your comfort and even quantity is against order making it very flexible. The colors, size, combinations, quantities, branding can be exactly as per your requirement and within your budget.
Kindly let us know the bag you have in mind, with quantity and budget so that we can show you few samples for you to select the best choice. It can be carry bag, pouch, toilet bag, overnighter, duffle bag, shoulder bag, sports bag or even trolley bags. You can also select from laptop, backpack, sling bag or rucksacks.
We help you increase the compartments or reduce to fit in the budget or create facilities for items you are interested in highlighting as your gift.
For larger quantities we can help you give your bag branded look by adding metal or silicon tags similar to what is being used by known brands. You are getting similar features with guarantee for a much lower price as you are not using their name on your designed product.
Promotional Coasters

Promotional Coaster:

Coasters can be made out of foam, plastic, steel, brass, wooden, rubber, silicone, metal, acrylic, cork, sunboard, leather, ceramic and even cardboard in any shape and size.
Coasters can be packed individually, two, four or even 6 in a set with or without coaster stand. You can have even two sided coasters which comes out beautiful in foam as base sandwiched with papers from both sides.
Wherever the printing is of prime importance with multi colors we suggest offset printing with lamination to protect the surface of the coasters and is possible with foam, rubber and cork base. Laser engraving comes out well on metals, acrylics, corks and woods whereas embossing works well on leather.
Coasters are required at all places at all times and are cost effective promotional idea. Depending on the quantity, budget, audience and artwork you can select the type of coasters most suited for your need. Please feel free to send us your brief with quantity, budget and artwork to suggest you best possible solutions with finished samples for your easy decision making.
Promotional Custom Coffee Cups

Promotional Mug, Custom Coffee Cups

Promotional mugs are a great way to advertise your business, organization or team!
Promotional mugs comes in the various shapes and size and you can select the one best suited to your purpose. The most common is milk mug which is also used as the desk top stand to keep pen and pencils. You can select the color to suit your brand and message can be printed on it. You must take care of your printing matter while deciding the mugs as depending on the shape, size and artwork the whole experience will come alive. You can get mugs either as bone china which is milky or stoneware which is much heavier. You get smaller mugs for office use and even cups with saucer too for use of senior executives and their elite visitors. Mugs are also available in plastic, steel, ceramics, glass and even crystals including travel mugs with lid. You get cup warmer too operational with usb or car charger for keeping drinks hot while travelling.
Many Companies announce and remind their team of the theme of the month or quarter by distributing coffees and teas in the specially designed cups. The objective or the target is printed on the cups reminding team members about it every morning and afternoon. Even for the smaller team of 50 or 100 such cups can be designed and mileage is much more over the whole quarter. If you need to involve the associates who are not sharing the same office then 300 ml milk mug is a better option. When new products or brands are launched and the connection of product with mug is felt then companies have been known to distribute mugs in customized box. Many movies are launched with mugs as the giveaways or as saleable merchandise items.
The best way you can excite your team is to have their photographs taken during an outing or meet and put on the mugs and give it to them as a souvenir for remembrance. Nothing can beat the experience of having your own photograph on the product. Depending on the usage you can print the photos on mouse pads, coasters, mugs, photo frames and even t-shirts. Each product will be have a different photo and the final packaging has to be good to ensure that the photo inside belongs to the person whom you are handing it over. Easy way out is having a group photograph which can be printed and distributed to all to avoid extra hassle of managing the corporate gifts while distributing it.
Promotional Diaries Notepads and Calendars

Custom Diaries, Promotional Calendars, Stickers, Customized Note Pads, Notebooks, Promotional Calendar & more Paper Products

Our promotional product diaries are great for marketing drives, employee incentives or corporate gifts to potential clients. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional levels of service coupled with great low prices. Normal delivery of promotional diaries printed with your message. The promotional diaries and personalized gifts that we supply are ideal for a wide range of promotional environments. From trade fares to company outings, seminars to corporate give-a-ways, you can be sure that we have promotional diaries to suit all your requirements.Corporate gifts allow companies- large and small- to welcome new clients, thank existing ones, or woo and impress potential clients. Many gifts corporate that are embellished with a company logo, allows companies to discreetly stay in the consciousness of clients and partners. In this way gifts corporate facilitates advertising requirements. Choosing the right gifts corporate is extremely important and the money you spend on corporate gifts will often be returned to you multi fold in the form of future generated business. The variety of Corporate Gifts is matched only by the variety of companies that give them.
Nothing like having the name of the person on each page of the table calendar to make it totally personalized for each one of your gift recipient to give it that much extra personal touch. Not only the recipient but even others are zapped that each page has the name of the recipient very loud and clear. Further you can pick up a theme to suit your product and brand for example travel as per the images out of numerous choices.
Recycle sheet bookmark and recycled table calendars and diaries can be made for more socially active nature lovers to not only convey the good message but the actual practice too to the masses.

Specs and order details:

(1) Size of the cube: 7 x 7 x 7 cm (2) 9 different visuals combined into one product (3) Gloss and matte finish possible (4) Deliveries can start 5-7 days from receipt of orders and confirmation artwork (5) MOQ as low as 500 pieces (6) Virtual and physical sampling possible
Promotional Logo Customized Hats

Promotional Caps and Logo Customized Hats, Baseball Cap

See your company logo on a Cap before you buy. SPARKET lets you upload your logo onto the caps materials and then manipulate the color, location and design treatment. You are also enabled to collaborate online with colleagues and decision makers who want to see the logoed materials you've selected. Then you can see exactly how finished materials will look - before you buy. Give a call to customize with your company logo or for other logoed gift ideas.
Caps is another very good choice as promotional products as it helps in conveying a style statement apart from very good utility for a longer period of time. Caps starts from ordinary low price caps to high price caps for owners of luxury cars. Caps is worn by a new born to old age person and displays your ad or logo. Caps can be seen used by all age, gender and income group and carries your message for a longer period of time. Another advantage is that you need not go for smaller quantities and because of attractive price points you can even consider very large quantities to make noise at the market place. You can even cover multiple events like outdoor, vacation, sports, leisure, fashion. Military uses caps, Santa Claus uses caps, police uses caps or hats, cowboys has one and even models are known for using it as fashion statement. Why not you also consider using it once to see the impact on your promotions?
Promotional Leather Wallets

Promotional Leather Wallet Gifts

You work hard to earn enough money to live a comfortable life with your near and dear ones. And so you need a wallet to keep the currency let it be of any Country in this world. Wallet is preferred in pure leather and depending on the quality of leather and workman ship the price is worked out. Wallet works out as good promotional product when the idea is to impress the user of our products with a personalized gift.
One has to be careful while deciding as a cheaper wallet will be given to the driver as the owner is not comfortable using it. Whereas the good finished leather wallet will be used by the car owner himself. Again logo need to be embossed inside and smaller in size which is not visible to the outside world but to the person silently who is using it more like a branded product.
You can also consider ladies wallets, visiting card holder, key pouch, pocket pad with pen, small card holder and big card holder, credit card holder, passport holder, cheque book holder, clutches, belts and sets containing mix of the above products. To cut down the cost you have choice of leatherette which looks like leather. There is choice in leather of sheep, goat, cow NDM leather etc. Even low income group uses wallets and you can ask us for very low price wallets for that target segment made of (pu) poly or synthetic leather, rexine, pvc which are welded, pasted or stitched.
Promotional Customimprinted Pens

Promotional Pens, Custom Imprinted Pens

Pens is the most common and cheapest promotional gift with your logo or brand which your recipients will love to carry with them and use till the refill gets over. They would love to get more than one as they can always use or give it to others. And in case if you have given a reusable pen then they will continue to use the same by changing the refills. If the quantities are very large then use and throw plastic pens can be customized as per your house colors (3 – 4 colors including barrel, tip, bottom and cap) and embossed with silver or gold foil with your brand name as the cheapest medium of promotional Gifts.
You can even use metal pens to impress the target audience with laser engraving or etching. Copy cats of big brands are available at throw away prices to impress the customers who would love to use an expensive pens but don’t have budgets to buy the same! The purpose of a promotional gift is to spend half or less money and impress the recipient with perceived value of a much higher amount. Since pens are a good medium of advertisement, banner pens which carries the full advertisement and message pens which highlights the unique features of the products or brands are in good demand. Plastic pens, wooden pens, metal pens, brass pens, paper pens in single or pair with attractive packaging makes it that much more memorable.
Pens are made from the finest materials available, our advertising promotional pens are enhanced promotional products that will help your clients be familiar with your corporate name & logo more often. Look through our promotional gifts web site for wide range of promotional pens for yourself and your company as ideal corporate gifts. Combined with our widespread knowledge of business gifts and 20 years of corporate gifts experience has driven our achievements to first class service standards in promotional items.


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