Neesh Pocket Perfume

Smell Well with Neesh Pocket Perfume – Novelty Corporate Gift

Neesh is a leading perfume brand patented and can fit into the pocket style packaging named as pikpack. To solve the problem of body odour Neesh came up with distinct Oriental and Floral fragrances that are extremely portable and flexible to be adjusted in pockets. First Attar based Perfume brand of India with unique packaging, attractive fragrances and loads of varieties to create dedicated gifting distribution network in India through Sparket Corporate Gifts and their nationwide partners.

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    Neesh Pocket Perfume
Neesh Micro Lab Perfume

Smell Well with Neesh

Please see the packaging we have done for Micro Labs and even personalized for that extra touch.
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Neesh Pocket Perfumes pikpack

"NEESH" is Proud to introduce wide range of aromatic experience through fragrance Products.
i) 52 Expensive and high Quality natural ingredients are from different corners of the world.
ii) Attar and Oud is of the best quality which adds on to the aromatic experience.
iii) 12 High quality fragrance from different parts of the world.
iv) They are antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Moisturizing, Naturally fragrant and relaxant.
v) Neesh oriental perfume brand is concentrated with 10-20% oils that makes them last up to 12 hours.
vi) Each spray costs less than Rs.1 Pack expire after three long years.
vii) We have intellectual rights that is copyright, trademark, patents etc.
viii) We offer height value for money and offer high quality fragrances available to people at an affodable price.
Neesh Pocket Perfume Pikpack
Neesh Perfume Presence in India

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