Most Unique Corporate Gift to Increase Sales Through Channel Partners!

digital-vouchers-768x589The penetration of the mobiles with the vast population has opened a flood gate of opportunities for the brands to be in front of the target audience locally through their channel partners who can now have their own websites to showcase their offerings. Challenge for the brand owners was that they can have their own websites but how to address the vast population spread across the length and breadth of the Country. This has been made easy by our DIGITAL GIFT VOUCHERS. Let us explain you the whole working to show how Digital Gift Vouchers are not only the most unique gifting starting this season but is the best gift all-round the year to increase sales of your brand for the meaningful business results.

  1. Local online presence of your channel partner with his own website maintained all-round the year for below Rs. 6,000/- during the first year and subsequent renewal at below Rs. 3,000/-.
  2. Responsive website to suit the mobile size and dynamic enough for your dealer to add products or email back support team throughout the year. (phone support also available).
  3. Website in 4 hours and as a promoter you can request your channel partner for a back link to further increase your mother website ranking.
  4. As a brand owner just create the budget and live the rest on us to bring all your channel partners on the board through our tele support team.
  5. If you are far sighted and would like your channel team to become online savvy, then keep distributing digital add on gifts vouchers from time to time within budget of Rs. 1,150 to Rs. 1,380/-. (Google local business page – verification by customer, blog creation and set up, business page creation – Twitter, business page creation – Facebook etc.)

Apart from channel partners you can take services of the influencers by offering them a presence on the online platform by helping them with the websites or through add on gifting vouchers if they already have a presence online. The biggest challenge is maintaining a website as the person who designed it has no viable business model to maintain it leaving the excited customer high and dry. Further after making the website the next challenge of promoting the same is even more trickier for the one off website owner. But you as the brand owner can start driving it through the collective effort of all your partners and influencers spread over the geography.

  1. First bring the maximum of your partners online through the express websites.
  2. Ensure that all are listed locally through their business page.
  3. Hereafter the team has to be selective with identifying excited partners who can be divided into Facebook, twitter and blogging group to collectively drive the efforts and thereby resultant traffic.
  4. The collaborative cum cooperative platform thus designed will take over from here and start driving the sales to a newer heights justifying the meaningful small investment.


Here we will take credit for Unique Corporate Gift Digital Vouchers which are as follows: –

  1. Making corporate gifting more rewarding for both giver and receiver by linking it with increased sales.
  2. Giving you the handy platform to outsource your multiple websites and other digital add on gifting vouchers as fun for partners instead of unwanted hard work.
  3. Allowing you to do it at your own pace with different stake holders by running various pilot projects with various stake holders simultaneously i.e. partners, influencers, touch points etc.
  4. Appreciation from both the receiver and giver as you are helping them grow their own business.

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