Completion of One Year of Weekly Blogs on Corporate Gifts!

Chairman-of-BNI-Dr-Ivan-MisnerIt started exactly 52 weeks ago i.e. almost one year back during last August 2015. After contemplating and even using the services of a professional content writer for some time that sounded like some other company in a business other than corporate gifts and not making much of sense to readers or in the growth of our business decided to write blog myself. By nature, one always try to buy things through money from experts and not realising that content experts also needs to be well versed with nitty gritty of your business. My language and expressions may not be great but the kind of feedback I get on my blog is enough to excite me to write for the remaining weeks of my life.

I have completed 52 blogs taking this one in account and this should have been published last week on Aug, 2016 but I’m more than one week late. The credit for one year of continuous blogging goes to the founder and chairman of BNI – the world’s largest referral organisation operating in over 60 Countries, Dr. Ivan Misner.

He makes it a point to write a blog every week and has completed over 500 blogs around few years back and shared his story when he visited India. The most interesting part was that he was at the private beach of Sir Richard Branson and was writing his weekly blog as part of his commitment when most others were having a good time there. It took me few years to start writing my own blog but like him I have ensured that come what may I will write a blog every Sunday. Though due to travel and work pressures I do end up writing weekly blogs late during subsequent week but ensure that weekly count is maintained. By the time I will complete this already late last week blog I will at least think of a heading for the current week’s blog and create the form to remind me during the week.

A lot of visitors have commented and asked for specific queries on the blog which I will try to answer here! I write my own blog and decide the topic relevant to my customers and related with Corporate Gifts. They find it interesting because all of them have a story of what we and our customers went through instead of contents from a professional writer who is good with words but lacks good insight in the actual business. I have tried to fill in the words for each product range as per our team’s day to day experience with success and failures of various gifting options to take the readers through the journey of identifying to shortlisting and placing their business gifting orders.

Few of you have asked suggestions and my humble request will be to write a daily, weekly, bi monthly or monthly blog depending on your time, energy and capacity of the readers to digest the same. Please write facts and puncture yourself wherever required to make the story genuine and worth reading like a movie. Be crystal clear in explaining your preferences and suggestions irrespective of the audience agreeing or not as you stand for something and that is more important than trying to please all who visits your blog. I believe better to be with the reader who believes and trust you then trying to convince the one who is already finding faults with you or have different perception or believe otherwise.

I start with the heading for the week and once clear on that start the next blog sequence number with due date to ensure weekly compliance. Fill up the blog with what comes to mind without thinking of deeper issues in the beginning. While reviewing the same next day or after two days I do the major corrections. Finally, after the third review post it as most of the grammar and language is corrected by then. Lately I have started adding the relevant photos to make it more interesting and lively during the reading.

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