Jackets As The New Year Corporate Gift

Persons wearing a jacket with the company logo on the chest and message behind moves around proudly conveying his belongingness to a team, group, division, company or association to the rest of the world.

The type of the jacket can be selected depending on the climatic conditions to go with the corporate house color keeping in mind the following: –

  1. the profile of the wearer i.e. delivery person, field person, use within the office
  2. user either on the bike or in the car,
  3. the purpose to protect against rain, wind, climate etc.
  4. sleeveless or full sleeves, with or without hood, one sided or reversible
  5. with padding, lining or netting inside

Jackets one sided in different colours and patterns with embroidery in the front and printing at the back as shown below: –



Single jackets can be made to order in soft and normal micro with net or lining inside. The collar can be shortened to help you wear full time as formal in the office where you find that air conditioning is very powerful for you. The material selected can be such that you can wear in summers in the car too and can add glamour to your formal wear. You can also go for fleece inside to protect against cold weather.

Jackets Reversible (two-sided jacket) can be used as dual purpose depending on wearer’s need to protect against wind, rain or cold as shown below: –

Jackets Reversible

Reversible jackets can be made with micro to have choice of two colors. Reversible can also be made with coated micro material on one side to safeguard against water during the monsoon season.

Jackets with padding to protect against extreme cold weather with hood, pockets, chains, and elastics at the waist if so desired by you to add glamour to overall look as shown below: –

Jackets With Padding

Jacket with Padding

Padded jackets can be made to order in soft and normal micro with net or lining inside. You can go for fleece inside to protect against extreme cold weathers.

Wind Cheaters to protect against strong winds and light drizzles with screen printing to avoid water seeping through the embroidered logo. Cover is also available with the wind cheaters to carry it around in a handy manner. The Airtel images below shows the printing at the front, back and on the cover, too. If you decide to go for rain coats, then we can add pajamas to protect team mates full day out on the field.

Wind Cheaters

Jacket with fleece inside to keep you warm as per images shown below: –

Jacket With Fleece

Depending on the requirement you can decide to go for fleece to enjoy when on the bike where temperature comes down due to rains in the evening and winds become chilly. Morning walkers and joggers also prefer this jacket due to very low temperature during winter times.

Sleeveless Jackets as per the images shown below: –

Sleeveless Jackets

Single or one side sleeveless jackets can be made to order in soft and normal micro with net or lining inside with your logo branding and message printed at the back for free advertisement.

Reversible sleeveless jacket images as shown below: –

Reversible Sleeveless Jacket

Reversible sleeveless jackets can be made with fabric choice of two different colours with matching branding of company logo.

Sleeveless jackets with padding to protect against extra cold weather when on the bike as the chilling wind works as sharp knives against the body as per images shown below: –

Sleeveless jackets with padding

Please feel free to contact us for any other design or pattern as the sample can be made for your approval before you place the full order.



2 thoughts on “Jackets As The New Year Corporate Gift

  • November 8, 2019 at 3:18 pm

    We wish to gift winter jackets to our employees with company logo embroidered on same. We are based at Aurangabad Maharashtra and have a team strength of about 150+ male and around 15 female staff. Kindly connect with catalogue and price if you can supply same

  • November 13, 2019 at 2:11 pm

    Single jackets need 150nos with navy blue and orange combo, the company logo is front chest and back, need the best quote asap


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