2018 Calendar: New Year Magnetic Magic Cube Calendars

2018 Calendar: New Year Magnetic Magic Cube Calendars

Magic Cube Calendar as shown in the images below can be folded to create various combinations to impress the recipients with your customized calendar as the new table top corporate gift with added advantage of with or without magnets connecting the various cubes with different visuals combined as one. Magnetic cube calendar available in various sizes namely 3cm, 5cm, 7cm, 8cm & 12 cm to fit into your budget and requirements. Due to optimum size 7cm is the fastest moving magical cube with magnetic closure. Your artwork can be customized on the calendar to impress your target audience for one full year if done at the beginning of the year. However, we get orders round the year as utility of the calendar is secondary and the wow factor added with attractive table top which can be fiddled around is of far more greater importance and value to both the giver and the receiver. Packaging can be done in individual white box to make it easy to distribute.
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Calendars : Best Corporate Gifts For The New Year

Custom logo and brand message printed new year table top calendars are best corporate gifts for corporate employees and customers.

Calendars are the best New Year Corporate Gifts as the shelf life of the same is one full year and beyond in cases where the calendar can serve longer period and even lifetime. If the quantities are not much then you can pick up from an available design with the space to print or stick your details. Otherwise you can customize each page including the size, length, height, pages, design, paper, material etc. Again, you can choose to go with a wooden, metal, plastic, table top or wall hanging depending on your target audience and their preference for the calendars.

Stainless steel lifetime calendars with and without clock with space for your branding are given below:

New Year Table Calendar
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