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Table Tops

The ideal promotional product for someone with a table is table top or desk top item. There should be utility for the product and because of that the product is also called utility product. Table clocks, mobile stand with pen stand and provision for slip pad is an ideal table top gift. Depending on the audience you can design or decide the utility by adding or deleting the various options available as table tops. Stock market prefers to gift bull as symbol on table top product to encourage the recipient to behave like a bull when markets are going up. Similarly laughing Buddha is an all-round gift for the customers by the bankers as they would like to avoid projecting with any particular religion sentiments by being neutral. At the same time at Ganesh festival companies give idol of Ganesh and at Eid times they provide Holy Quran to wish and participate with the respective communities.
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Invariably when you would like to know the exact time during the day or night you will look at the table clock which can be put on the table in combination with pen stand or some other utility promotional product. You can have table clocks plastic casing to match your brand colour to ensure that audience connects with your brand. The needles can be changed with your miniature products to impress the viewer and to get in to his mind instantly. The limit to various use of this promotional product is limited to your imagination and your team’s innovation to capture attention of more consumers for your products.
Custom Table Tops

Table Top Products Table Clocks, Table tops, Wooden items, Mobile stand & more

Personal Utility Products

Ash trays, paper weights, various stationery items like staplers, punching machines, paper cutter, scissors, paper knife, pen stand, coffee mug as pen stand, photo frames, table calendars, stress busters, table flags, idols, name plates, pen holders are common table top gift items. When the budget is big you can even plan to give a leather folder for the executives to keep in front of them. For senior executives you get expensive table top gifts which adds to the glamour of the spacious cabin. You get crystal vase for flowers on the table, mementoes, laptop stand, mouse pads, coasters, mobile stand, tab holder etc. as table top gifts.
Table Clocks

Table Clocks

Table clocks serves the purpose of time piece on the table where branding can be done on the dial and even on the material holding the clock whether brass, plastic, wooden, metal etc. We prefer to use the Japanese movement to assure you of the quality of the clock with warranty but in special cases where order quantity is very large and you have budget challenge we can offer you the Chinese movements to bring down the cost per piece. You can select from various shapes and designs and do write to us if you would like to further explore all the other designs available with us. We can even customise the designs for large quantities of orders to help you impress your recipients.
Promotional Table Tops

Table Tops

All the items which you can imagine on your office table comes under the variety of table tops or desk top items. Flags, clocks with timing of multiple Countries, paper weights, desk organisers, coasters, mouse pads, pen stand, visiting card holders made up of various materials available in ready stocks at cost effective prices. However you can give your designs and depending on the quantities we can suggest you the material to being down the cost per piece.
Custom Wooden Table Top Items

Wooden Items

Wooden items are most preferred as the table top including mementoes, pen stands with multiple features. The branding can be done with laser engraving or metal plate can be printed with 4 colour and pasted on the wooden items to serve the purpose of branding recall. Once you have clarity about the choice of product, budget price and quantities then please write to us to send you complete list of ready available wooden items.
Promotional Mobile Stands

Mobile Stands

When on the desk people prefer to have a clearly assigned place for the mobile instead of keeping the same in the pocket or here and there. Now you can select from pure mobile stand to choice of additional features like pen stand, with clock, with visiting card holder etc. You also have choice of materials like plastic, wooden, metal, silicone rubber, acrylic, crystals etc.
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Wooden Table Tops

Wooden Table Tops are valuable gifts for corporate offices, Nowdays the ideal promotional product for someone with a table is wooden gifts or desk top Wooden items.