How to Keep Team Engaged

In ‘HOW TO’ series in the earlier blog titled How to manage high rewards we forewarned to ensure successful programme are not stopped due to objections because of wrong perception by various other departments. In the current blog let us discuss about keeping team engaged and motivated through various reward and recognition that can be designed by you with support from us.

Routine work becomes boring over time, but play is always fun irrespective of the hours involved as it engages us while providing both fun and the satisfaction. Check out that almost the whole country actively gets busy watching IPL for a prolonged period and overtime infecting the less interested ones too. What if we can offer them the scope of playing the game instead of being the silent spectators? Why not design the crucial parts interestingly so that the work itself becomes the play? If you are not getting the engagement you seek, ask the magic question: “What’s being rewarded?” The things that get rewarded get done but more important is what needs to be rewarded. Also, important here to highlight that no matter what the game is, a small percentage of people will perform brilliantly or poorly due to factors such as personal ability, needs, values etc., factors over which one has no control. 

Please remember the reality that everybody works smarter when there is something in it for them. So, let us do our job of identifying a long-term reward and recognition strategy to keep everyone excited and engaged.

Corporate Gift Ideas

Sparket Corporate Gifts help build strong connections with your employees so let us excite and engage them with more choice and a wide variety of Corporate Gifts. Further, we help you provide a choice from a few selected gifts to your employees delivered to their place all over India as currently, they are working from home.

Please do contact us to discuss and design your own rewards and recognitions programme tailor made for your various esteemed recipients to your full satisfaction. 

The next article in ‘HOW TO’ series is “How to make the team take ownership” in which we will discuss how overtime team takes the ownership. “[ninja_forms id=1]”

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