How to Make Team Take Ownership

In ‘HOW TO’ series in the earlier blog titled How to keep team engaged we discussed how to keep team motivated through various rewards that can be designed keeping the overall objective in mind. In the current blog the topic of discussion will be how to rise to the next level and make the team take ownership.

Typically, the owner ensures business flourishes by accepting all suffering to help grow the business to its fullest potential. He does it because he owns the business and the same sentiment can be transferred to rest of the team members if they have a say in how the business is run. Let us look at large efficient public organizations where no visible owner exists, but the team carries the work in the most sensible manner. Similarly, small size businesses can allow the active participation by the team members to earn the body, heart, mind and even soul of their employees. Do remember here that many large successful businesses were started as small. After all, producing satisfactory results helps people feel good about themselves and is the key to happiness and doing things we do well.

As per the various survey’s individuals prefer trust, respect, and pride over money but in the absence of the same settle for money as that is what their organisation has been practicing and taught them in the first place. From childhood the old software has been to look out for yourself and be extra smart by being opportunistic and if the employees also see the same is being enforced by the organisation in their day to day dealing with customers and suppliers then how are they to think and behave differently while dealing with you, the colleagues, organisation and the rest of the world? 

Also, important here to highlight that no matter what the value system is, a small percentage of people will perform brilliantly or poorly due to factors such as personal ability, needs, values, etc., factors over which one has no control. Make people feel like owners as brains, like hearts, go where they are appreciated so let us do our job of involving the team in decision-making to keep everyone excited and engaged. The next article in the ‘HOW TO’ series is How to maximise lifetime employment in which we will discuss factors which ensure employees do decide and get married to the organisation. “[ninja_forms id=1]”

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