How to Open Newer Sales Outlets

In ‘HOW TO’ series in the earlier blog titled How to increase sales through rewards we talked about ways and means of increasing your sales month after month. The current blog covers how during mid-nineties we motivated stationery shops to promote and sell IT consumables through right rewards and recognitions. India started opening its economy during early nineties and the rapid computerization resulted in demand for office consumables like floppies, dot matrix ribbons to start with and subsequently various storage medias, inks and toner cartridges. 

New challenge was how to increase sales for recurring office supplies through existing IT vendors who were reluctant to get involved due to non-compatibility to their existing business model due to extra pain of stocking, delivery and collections for very low-ticket items. Ideal solution was traditional stationers, but they needed lot of hand holding to enter an alien territory, so a novel scheme was run for onboarding them as regular office consumables sellers. Salespersons were given rewards for onboarding every new outlet resulting in even few xerox shops onboarding under the phenomenally successful reward and recognition programme. 

To get the results you want, ask the magic question: “Who should be rewarded and how the same should be designed and executed?” Control the key factor and let people respond to it positively thereby helping you increase new outlets for better market coverage. Please remember the bottom line that everybody works smarter when there is something in it for them. So, let us do our job of identifying a long-term reward and recognition strategy to keep everyone excited and fully engaged. 

Sparket Corporate Gifts help build strong connections with your esteemed recipients namely consumers who are end users, customers like trade partners, influencers, employees and business associates. Let us excite and engage various target audience with more choice and wide variety of Corporate Gifts.

Gift will Make Your Idea comes True

Please do email us to discuss your short- and long-term objectives to consider designing your own customised rewards and recognitions programme tailor made for your esteemed recipients. 

The next article in ‘HOW TO’ series is How to successfully cross-sell in which we will explain how we successfully made uninterested partners reconsider their approach and start selling various office consumables happily.

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