How to Successfully Cross Sell

In ‘HOW TO’ series in the last blog titled How to open newer sales outlets we covered how you can successfully design a reward scheme to achieve your objective of adding new sales outlets to increase both coverage and sales. In the earlier blog titled How to increase sales through rewards we talked about ways and means of increasing your sales month after month. In this blog let us focus on how to successfully cross sell your existing and new range of products. 

In mid-nineties we faced a situation where many IT partners were not willing to either keep the dot matrix refill ribbons or even sell new printer cartridges as the invoice value was too small. We ran a scheme where on all fast-moving items depending on the value of the items bought on every billing, we started giving free either the dot matrix cartridges or refill packs. Over a period, we manoeuvred partners to start liquidating the accumulated free scheme stocks to their existing or new clients thereby increasing business for all of us and better service for their end users. The bundling strategy thus designed also increased our overall sales for regular fast-moving items as competition could not counter, block or match the overall offer.

If you are not getting the results you want, ask What behaviour do I want? How will I recognize it? How will I reward it? Make people feel like winners as brains, like hearts, go where they are appreciated so let us do our job of identifying a long-term reward and recognition strategy to keep everyone excited. As mentioned in earlier blogs during nineties I read a book ‘How to motivate people’ by Michael Leboeuf where he talked about “Rewards: the greatest management principle in the world” helped me in running programmes to continuously grow my business. 

Sparket Corporate Gifts help build strong relationships with your esteemed recipients namely consumers, customers, trade partners, influencers and employees with attractive rewards and recognition programmes. Let us design attractive rewards schemes to excite and engage various target audience with more choice and wide variety of Corporate Gifts round the year.

Sparket Corporate Gifts

Please do contact us to discuss and design your own customised rewards and recognitions programme to achieve your desired objectives. 

The next article in ‘HOW TO’ series is “How to avoid gifting vouchers” in which we will explore advantage and disadvantage of gifting vouchers as after all it may not be a great idea at all.
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