Corporate Gifting Platform for Manufacturers and Resellers

Welcome to the corporate gifting platform GIFTINDEED for manufacturers and gifting resellers powered by SPARKET CORPORATE GIFTS for pleasant surprises! A major challenge for manufacturers interested in promoting their new and existing range of products through CORPORATE GIFTS RESELLER PARTNERS are

a)           Awareness
b)           Timely recall
c)           Showcasing your unique products

The solution is GIFTINDEED dedicated gifting platform for the reseller community wherein your products can be searched through multiple filters like category, budget, need, and keywords by partners before sending an initial proposal to their regular clients.
Imagine over 10000 resellers of Corporate Gifts across the Country narrowing down through filters whenever relevant and showcasing it to decision-makers who in turn are also trying to influence their own consumers, customers, employees, partners, or business associates.

If you have an attractive range of utility products required by the masses then apart from regular retail, wholesale, large format, online and institutional sales you can consider adding a corporate gifts channel too to ensure new trials to increase both your sales and market share.

You pay a very small fee on SALES to remain focused on your core strength of product development etc. Please send us the shortlisted items with images and pricing so that your products start appearing in search as a viable option.

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