How to Place Small Orders of Customized Corporate Gifts?

If you are a small and medium enterprise in India with a very low budget on customized corporate gifts, then you must have faced the challenge of sourcing the same and that too at reasonable prices! Gifting is a fragmented market with one-man show making the viability for the operator difficult if the order size is small. Further, if you try to source the smaller quantities from the personalized gift vendors whose business model is single customized pieces then the price per piece for you becomes very high. Outside India, in advanced countries, the business model is stock and sell with limited products choices given for online orders which works out well for both the buyer and the seller. But Indian buyers are very price sensitive and when order size is very small for SMB business outfits or various project teams (who many times are part of large companies) cost-effective solutions are desired.

To counter this challenge, we have come out with back-office solutions which mainly interact over email and phone to serve the clients. Wherever we have local city operations the sample can be physically shown to the clients and for the rest of the cases, the courier service is used after shortlisting the products through email exchanges. The client can see the finished sample and on final approval, the production is done to minimise the mistakes and to ensure we live to our promise of for pleasant surprises! The viability for us comes due to many such short orders on the back of the large orders which we regularly execute to over 200 corporate clients all over India and abroad! Due to our overall volumes and team size we can offer the variety, reliability and consistency of the experience to our SMB clients.

Large corporates also find it worthwhile to keep trying out many ideas and concepts with small size trial orders to check the viability before placing their full bulk orders. The various OEMs and EOUs factories involved entertain us as they are also aware that our real business model is volumes and small orders are only a way to keep the SMB happy as sooner or later they too will grow and become large! Even large companies need smaller quantities of awards depending on the number of categories etc. and we are thus equipped to cater to small orders from large corporate. There are times when they need very few numbers of promotional products and we can cater to the same without much difficulty.

So next time if you need one of the personalized gifts with customization then please visit the nearest shopping mall but the moment quantities are more you can send us an email or speak to us. Chances are that our bulk prices will be applicable to your small orders too except the one-time development cost which is amortised over the required quantities to arrive at the printing cost per piece. The overall cost per piece will always be much lower due to the use of the different technology (mass production) which cannot be used by the shopping malls due to their (instant delivery) nature of the business. Please remember to email us with your logo and product requirement to avail the best price for all your customised corporate gifts!

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