Rewards and Recognitions Made Easy

Please select the right choice of corporate gifting details from the various rewards and recognitions program to continue exciting the employees at all levels. Whatever be the budget or quantities we have made a comprehensive guide to make it easy to select the best keeping your end objective in mind. These corporate gifts are apart from the various awards, trophies, plaques and mementoes which is displayed prominently by the proud recipients.

  1. Branded corporate gifts
  2. Non branded corporate gifts
  3. Personalised corporate gifts
  4. Family corporate gifts
  5. Office & theme based corporate gifts
  6. Innovative corporate gifts


If employees are young and white collared then it makes sense to consider branded gifts as that will be recognised and appreciated by them. Naturally you won’t like your gifts lying unused or passed on to someone as they find it difficult to use the products without a known label. The gifts include well known branded apparels, watches, travel gears, writing instruments, electronics and lifestyle products such as sunglasses etc. Please do write to us to for the name of the current aggressive brand and the products range being offered currently by them to promote and grab the extra market share. 


For blue collared employees who believes in value for money it makes perfect sense to give them good quality products with new or upcoming labels. The advantage is many factories are supplying to known brands and have their home brands or manufacturing skill which they are willing to offer at an attractive rate. Shirts, t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, backpacks, leather products, household items, umbrellas, raincoats are most common in this group.


Pen with the name and coffee mug with photos apart from sipper bottles, diaries are examples of personalised gifts to encourage recipients to use it regularly. Visiting cardholders, grooming kits, perfumes, deodorants, neck pillows, eye mask, fitness and health-related products are part of this group.


There are times when you would like to involve the whole family of the employee and depending on whether the focus is on the spouse, parents or children the gift can be shortlisted. The choice will start from tiffin boxes, household items, daily use items by the family, photo frames, children gifts etc. Annual day, festival gifts and celebrations also come under this group with chocolates, dry fruits, candles as corporate gifts.


includes neckties, stationeries, highlighters, arts, crafts, coasters, desktop gifts, clocks, jute bags, etc. Sustainability, eco-friendly, safety, go green and promotion of various sports and activities are the various initiatives of the Company or the group worldwide and all the corporate gifts thus selected are part of the overall theme.  

In the long list, we will strongly suggest another innovative rewards and recognition schemes which allows various employees to identify and select the best product and earn it at their own pace. The organization will be immensely benefitted as instead of a big fat budget they can earmark the available budget to improve the employees’ comfort and thereby overall productivity. Please feel free to contact us for more details.


Innovative Corporate Gift as part of rewards and recognitions scheme please refer to our earlier blog 3M WORKPLACE SOLUTIONS AS CORPORATE GIFTS to check various products available to enhance your employees comfort and productivity through innovative ergonomic solutions including Monitor Arms, Adjustable Desktop Key Board trays, CPU Holders, Precision Gel Wrist Mouse Pads, Ergonomic Mouse, Adjustable Footrests, Adjustable Notebook risers, Tablet Stands, Cleaning solutions etc.

As we keep working on our offerings please do get in touch with us with what you have in mind or to know latest from us?
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