Office Products As Corporate Gifts

Please go through the various selected office related products which can be given as corporate gifts to be used at the office for higher brand recall.

Computer / Laptop Cleaner: –

Available in 2 models as shown below in choice of red and blue colour with long bristle brush sliding out to clean dust from your keyboard and cloth on the other side to wipe the LCD screen clean. Also available 3 in 1 pen shape mobile cum PC cleaner with touch screen stylus to protect screen from smudges, brush to keep keyboard clean with mobile screen cleaner to protect from scratches due to dust.

Laptop Cleaner

Table Tops: –

Mouse shape 4 in 1 table top gift takes care of 4 most used things namely hold cards or memos, works as pen stand, hold clips and comes with keyboard brush to help get rid of dust. Double pen holder cum paper dispenser as useful evergreen gift as pen and paper will never go out of use. Alternatively, choose round typing paper holder with double pen stand and space to store pins and paper clips. 3 in 1 table top with detachable pen, touch screen stylus and screen cleaner in choice of 5 colours as shown below.
Table tops

Letter Openers: –

with retractable cutter blades to cut open envelopes and remove staples with space for sticky note strips in choice of red and blue with white colour. 3 in 1 letter opener with 3.5 inches scale and magnifier with excellent branding space available in white colour.

Letter Opener

Magnifiers: –

with clip to keep in pocket with excellent printing space on both sides for your branding activities. Ultra-thin bookmark cum paper magnifier with 3 times magnification ensuring full visibility of your logo.

Pocket Magnifier

Mobile Stands: –

with pen & stylus as shown below in choice of red and blue colour with white. Choice of double pen stand, notepads with space for keeping microfiber cleaning cloth for your spectacles or mobile screens. 4 in 1 for holding multiple pens, pins & clips, with microfibre cloth for cleaning both laptop and mobile screens.

Mobile Stand

Vernier Calliper: –

cost effective and highly usable to measure 2-way diameters and depths up to 150 mm.

Vernier Carliper

Gel Highlighter: –

with brush for keeping the keyboard dust free, screen cleaner for mobile and laptops, as 3 in 1 non-drying highlighter which can be extended by rotating the bottom knob available in choice of 6 colours as shown below.

Gel Hilighter

Visiting Card Holder: –

Leatherette or PU visiting card holder as shown below.

Visting Card Holder

Folding Paper Cubes: –

with memo pads and tumbler to hold pens etc. available in red, blue & brown colour. Also available as 6 in 1 as complete desk set with either photo frame or calendar or 7 in 1 with sliding drawers in attractive peacock blue colour as shown below.

Folding Peper cube

Diary & Note Books: –

Eco friendly spiral note books & diaries with pens, stick ons, post its, zipper PVC pouch, ruler and writing pads to suit various needs.

Dairy And Notebook

Stationery Table Top Sets: –

Complete set foldable with writing pads, sticky memo pads, memo strips and 8 pieces of useful stationeries as show below.

Stationery Table Topseats

Stickers: –

Stick on book with colourful comment stickies as shown below.Stickers

Please also contact us for images of pen stands made of wood, metal and plastics with options of revolving type with clocks, coasters and mobile holders. Name plates, money bank, clip holders, writing pads, paper weight made of acrylic, wood, plastic and metals.

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  • January 19, 2019 at 1:36 am

    I like that you talk about the different office products that can be used for promotional gifts, such as letter openers with retractable blades that can also remove staples or gel highlighters that can be extended. Finding items that can be used for daily activities and even have a variety of things they can do would be a great way to help people remember you and your brand. When choosing, it might help to consider who your target audience is so you can think about the things they’re most likely to use before finding a company online that offers the type of custom promotional letter openers or other items you want so that you can get ones that fit your brand and attract potential customers.


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