How Purposeful are Vouchers as Corporate Gifts?

Lately few corporates have started giving the gift vouchers to their employees to overcome the headache of selecting the appropriate gift which is appreciated by one and all. The purpose of this article is to understand the plus and minuses of this trend so that decision makers can weighs the pros and cons before deciding what is best for them.

The most common reason we hear from the decision makers in favour of the gift vouchers are as follows: –

  1. We have an agreed budget so let the recipient decide as to how to use that amount in the best possible manner.
  2. Who has the time and energy to find out the perfect gift for such a large diversified audience.
  3. Last year we did so and so and not everyone appreciated the gift.
  4. We have already done most of the common gifts and ideas are few and far so best is to leave it to the recipient.
  5. Receivers are happy as then they can decide what they want to buy.

The reasonings are very good and convincing if you don’t hear and understand the background as to how and why the gifting started at the first place.

  1. Times when companies would like to thank the employees for the good work done to celebrate the occasion. By gifting vouchers, we are diluting the emotions into pure transaction.
  2. Selecting gift was never easy even for one person but the effort behind it conveyed the love and thoughtfulness. So please do your homework and select gift which will be appreciated by the most.
  3. One common gift for everyone of the same rank unites all the recipients as one team. (Mileage is unlimited in bonding which is lost in vouchers as mutual association is lost.)
  4. Company logo branding unites all and without it even the employees of the same company are strangers to each other.
  5. Employees do buy the item of their choice if they fancy the same from their pay packets so why add vouchers? Because the decider thinks and feels that the gift too is a part of the pay packet? 😊

Interaction is a two-way street, and, in the process, we train our recipients too. If they don’t appreciate the gift we get a chance to hear them and decide what to do next to earn their appreciation. They too understand that our purpose is to pamper them, and we are doing our best to earn their appreciation. This process itself creates a bond which is much bigger and better then the budget we have earmarked for the gifting activity. Let us look at the corporate gifts in holistic way to create good will and bonding instead of using it as a transaction or to be part of an outdated trend.

Gift Vouchers

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