Awards, Trophies, Plaques & Mementoes as Corporate Gifts

Awards Trophies Plaques and Mementoes

Recognition is one of the most powerful tool to appreciate and motivate the team members to up their game and continue to be engaged. Recognition also gives feedback to the performing members and creates aspirations in others to aim and reach the sky. The brassware awards conveys to the recipient and his near and dear ones about his contribution to the team and encourages him to scale up further. The new thinking is that an organisation must find ways and means to ensure that all the team members are winners instead of trying to identify only few at the top. After all they recruited to make everyone a winner and must find ways to ensure most of them end up becoming the winner.

Once you have the budget and different award categories in mind then you can start selecting the various choices to match and connect with the description of the award. It can be a combination of wood and metal with gold polish to enable the recipient to proudly display the same. The metal plate can be screen printed in various color combinations to display name of the company, category of award, name of the person and any other relevant matter.

Acrylic and Crystal Awards

Acrylic and crystal awards differentiate with the sports related award and trophies to give a new meaning to recognition. The laser engraving can be done to make the award look more impressive and coveted by the participants awaiting the announcements. Schools have low budgets and they prefer acrylic trophies in small sizes to achieve the end purpose of recognition within the given budget. Crystal apart from physical weight of the material also increases the prestige of the award because of the look and appeal of the product neatly packed in an impressive box to make it easy and safe to carry back home from far off destinations.

Acrylic and Crystal Awards


Plaques in gold and silver conveys the ranking with the possibilities of displaying it on the wall or in the front, side or back table. The choices are many and you can connect with the award by selecting the most appropriate one to convey the message to all the participants and the winners. Please feel free to email your initial message and look at it as a soft copy before seeing a finished one. This small exercise will make finalising your order for best of satisfaction and appreciation by one and all.

Gold and Silver Plaques


Customisation of your mementoes are possible to gain the mileage out of your periodical recognition programmes and please feel free to write to us with what you have in mind to help you arrive at the best solution within your given budget. We can also help your deciding team to brainstorm and arrive at the best award, reward, trophies, plaques, mementoes to make the whole exercise a pleasant and memorable one. The ideas are many and limited only by your will, interest, time and budget etc.


Birthday, anniversaries and all other milestones in the lives of human beings can be celebrated depending on the company policy and guidelines for involving the colleagues, families, friends and well-wishers. Please do write to us to discuss and take the same forward. The rewards are in a separate category but we welcome you to contact us to help you understand the best for your team and the company.

Happy Anniversary Gifts

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