Leather Corporate Gifts

Leather Corporate Gifts

We are into promotional leather products such as wallets, jackets, handbags, executive bags, folders, leather accessories, etc. We provide the complete gifting solution with our wide range of pure leather and leatherette (leather look like) products for different types of organizations, business, corporate houses, institutes and at various promotional events. We provide you with great gifting ideas, each from the unique to the classic, and our aim is to inspire you with an array of cool presents from SPARKET CORPORATE GIFTS for pleasant surprises. We use our expertise to help our client identify the perfect product which can match the occasion and connect as perfect brand recall to increase your product sales. We help you excel the subtle art of gift giving for all occasions. Our gifting solutions for events are conceived to offer options that’s classy, reliable and of high quality. When it comes to corporate gifting nobody understands your needs better than us. All the products can be embossed with your logo to ensure that the user remembers you fondly.
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Everyday Use Cost Effective Corporate Gifts – Keychains 2 (Acrylic, Fabric, Leather, Metal, Plastic, Wooden & Moulded Plastic Keychains)

Keychains Part 2: Acrylic keychains, Fabric keychains, Leather keychains, Metal keychains, Plastic keychains, Wooden keychains & Moulded Plastic keychains with Minimum Order Quantity.

In the earlier series of everyday use cost effective corporate gifts – keychains 1 we covered various choices available in ready stocks for very low quantity order of only 50 numbers. However, if you need larger quantities at cost effective prices with the sole function of the keychains only then the various choices in acrylic, fabric, leather, metal, plastic, silicone rubber and the wood are as given below: –

Acrylic Keychains: –

The advantages in acrylic is that you can do screen printing, pad printing, photo quality printing, paper insert or printing sandwiched inside to avoid fading etc. The branding is visible on both sides giving you higher space to convey your message prominently. Production is faster and price is low with light weight keychain in your choice of color of acrylic sheet.
Acrylic Keychains
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Different Types of Keychains : Everyday Use Cost Effective Corporate Gifts – Key Chains 1

Keychains are everyday use cost effective corporate gifts given by almost all the outlets big and small to their customers to ensure enhanced brand recall. Earlier one used to see only the metal key-chains but over the years now you have the choice of various materials like acrylic, leather, metals, plastic, silicone rubber, wood and even fabrics. Fabrics enables you to use embroidery and be different from the market by using your own shape and design keeping the specific promotional purpose in mind. Branding choices are unlimited starting with screen printing, pad printing, photo quality printing, paper insert, embossing, debossing, laser engraving, etching, customised plastic mould to multi-colour silicone rubber mould for both one or two sided keychains. The key chains can have multiple features and utilities to impress your target audience including replica of your products to ensure maximum mileage for higher brand recall. They are also available in choice of colours to suit both your house colour and brand logo.

Keyrings displayed below are available in ready stocks with minimum order quantity of 50 numbers: – Below details are with multiple features in addition with keychain and for higher quantities at lower prices please refer to our next series of everyday use cost effective corporate gifts – keychains 2 which focuses on the single function of keychains.

Keychain with Torch: –

Key chain with torch, key chain with 2 LED torch and lamp, lightbox keychain with torch and LED lamp, no. 1 keychain with torch, round flashlight style keychain with torch containing 5 LED.

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