Promotional Caps With Your Company Logo

Promotional caps with your company logo can be printed in multi colors at the front and the back of the cap with combinations of different colour fabrics to associate with your house colors and brand. The price depends on the quality of the fabrics used for the caps and the inner linings. The number of panels used while stitching whether 5 or 6 decide the actual cost of production. The cost also depends on the number of colours required for printing with size of the printing matter, at number of places and overall quantities ordered at one time. If you need holes at the top of the caps for air circulation, then that also add cost to the cap as extra stitching is required at panels. All the below images are with 5 panels but to understand difference with 6 panels club 7 holidays image can be viewed below at the embroidered section.

Caps & Hats

Corporate caps with the embroidery done at the front is shown below for your better understanding and comparing the visual difference with the printed caps as shown above. The holes on panels for better air circulation can also be viewed on the cap below embroidered as Club 7 holidays. Further the Club 7 holidays is with equally distributed 6 panels which is easy to understand if you check other caps where the front panel is big enough to accommodate the larger logos. Wheelies cap below has logo embroidered at the front of the cap and website address embroidered at the back side to help the company create awareness for both their product and site details at the same time. The panels of the caps can be further highlighted with the border at the joining pleats to better associate with the house colours as displayed below on Dalmia DSP cement cap.

Corporate Caps

Promotional half caps as shown below can be made in your house colour with printing or embroidery to protect from the glaring sun. Ideal for places which are hot and main purpose is to block the eyes from the glaring direct sunlight by the visor. Apart from fabrics different materials can be used to make customised half caps.

Half Caps

Customised caps, hats and scarves can be made as per your requirements with different fabrics and patches to help you achieve your promotional goals. To help you achieve large coverage of the market we can help you design the most cost effective caps for mass distribution. Kindly give us your budget and quantities so that we can show you various caps at different price points to make it easy for you to select the best cap for your target audience.

Customized Hats

Golf caps are premium caps for distribution to your high-end users who uses only the best and the most comfortable and impressive looking caps. Mercedes Benz or similar high end car dealers uses the best caps for their end users and we help them design the same with their logo branding so that they can promote their premium brand for higher brand recall.

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    I’ve read your article. Honestly, I’ve never read this type of informative and efficient article before. This article will help lots of beginners like me to build skills in embroidery. Love to read your incoming blogs too. Really appreciate your work and dedication.


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