Branded Home Appliances as Corporate Gifts

Sundev Home AppliancesDesire appliances brand is led by passion and enthusiasm by The Sundev Group, a leading OEM supplier for major brands which is in operations in 20 states, backed by 300 strong workforce. A brand known for its innovative range, reliability and high-quality standard offers you world class quality products ‘Made in India. Made for the world.’ It provides lifetime service through SERVICEMAN at 250+ service locations with more than ten million satisfied customers in 10 years.

Famous actress, a loving mother and an ideal homemaker, Raveena Tandon makes no compromise when it comes to food and health. She selects the best cooking appliances because she knows Good food is the only way to win her family’s heart.
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Magic Tablet Napkins as Corporate Gifts

Keeping the principle of hygiene as its core with a vision to revolutionize wipes and tissues at state of the art manufacturing unit which has passed various global standards. Magic tablet napkins are environmental friendly simple to use to wipe hands, face or remove make – up to stay fresh naturally. By use of tiny bit of water, it’s converted into a magical towel napkin with fragrance of lemon and green apple. High quality hand towel compressed to yield tiny coin shaped tablet napkin also known as SARAL magic tablet napkins.
Tablet Napkins

Environmental Friendly: –

Magic napkins made from rayon pulp is a natural product and does not impact the environment in any negative way making it eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable.

Safe for all Skin Types: –

Skin friendly, anti-bacterial, chemical free, no preservatives or other harmful chemicals that cause side effects.

Easy to Carry Due to Compact Size: –

Coin sized, compact structure can fit in anywhere, easy and lightweight to carry.
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Customised T-Shirts as Corporate Gifts


Apparels constitutes almost 30% of all corporate gifts and in that t-shirts, are the single most preferred item. The choices are round or polo neck in pure cotton or polyester mix to suit the purpose and taste of the users. We at Sparket for pleasant surprises keep ready stocks of almost over 18 colors in various shades in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes in both round and polo necks. If the order quantity is over 400 then we can even match your house colors by dyeing the fabric to ensure you get maximum mileage out of your promotional activities. Most of the times we can deliver the t-shirts locally within 24 – 72 hours depending on the quantities, branding and various other parameters.

Branding can be done at the pocket area and the choices are screen printing, embroidery or photo quality printing. The embroidery logo branding can also be done at the shoulders, neck or larger size screen printing at the back to convey the message to the masses. Full sleeves t-shirts or any other form of customization is possible for larger quantities. Manpower out on the field full-time necessitates t-shirts as uniform to bring uniformity and identity to your corporate image all-round the year. The trousers or jeans can be added to give it the complete look. There are times when companies have added wind cheaters, rain coats or jackets to complete the uniform requirements at different seasons to ensure round the year visibility and comfort for their field force.

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Sports Promotional Merchandise as Corporate Gifts

Promotional Football

Promotional Football in three sizes: – Football as promotional range in full size 5 in diameter of 8.65 inches can be customised as per your artwork with gift box as per images shown below. The promotional quality football is also available in size 3 with 7.5 inches’ diameter. You also have choice of smaller size 1 in 45 centimeters in diameter of 5.75 inches with gift box to make it easy to distribute to your target segment. Promotional mini football in size 39 centimeters in diameter of 5 inches is also available with customized artwork and gift box. You also have choice of real leather football in genuine cow hide leather in full size 5. Apart from that you can go for retro look football in our antique range made of artificial leather again in full size 5. The full promotional football range will help you select the best sports merchandise to connect with the target audience and promote both your products / services and brand. Finally, you can also select from miniature football key-rings as shown below with further choice of miniature retro antique football keychain.

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Natural Plants as Corporate Gifts

The plants we are using in terrarium are hardy and need least maintenance.  Aesthetic appeal is only relevant. Beautification, some connect to nature and feel good factor are only usefulness There are many medicinal and air purifying plants which can be provided but not in such small containers.

Natural Plants as Corporate Gifts

Fast, fabulous and fun, Terrariums – The Miniature Gardens, add zing to any table, office space and also form perfect gift for your loved ones. Terrariums are an indoor plant decoration in a seal-able or open glass container with plants and soil media inside them. These mini gardens help you create strong connection with nature and its vastness.

The plants create a micro climate, complete with oxygen and carbon dioxide generation, condensation and humidity. They are a delight for the lazy gardener. Filled with succulents, cacti, gravel, colored sands, pebbles and handcrafted artifacts, they are priced according to the size and shape of the container.

Terrariums need less water. So water them using a spray bottle, twice a week. And expose them to sunlight whenever possible, but don’t put them in direct sunlight for long.
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Swiss Military as Branded Corporate Gifts

We take pleasure in promoting the well-known branded products in our corporate gifts portfolio for the blue-chip customers who have big budgets and prefer well known branded products for their high-end users. Here let us talk about our new relationship with the SWISS MILITARY brand.

Swiss Military would like to take this opportunity to introduce themselves as one of the leading premium lifestyle brands globally. Their present product categories in the Indian sub-continent include Travel Gear, Writing Instruments, Leather Items, Sunglasses and Miscellaneous Accessories. Their operations across 26 countries with over 1900 present SKU’s and 600 stores has earmarked the beginning of a new chapter in the way Gifting and Men’s lifestyle is perceived globally as well as to the brand conscious yet value driven India customer. Their brand motto of “Affordable Luxury” is the call of the day when they focus on making novel luxury products with a much higher perceived value as compared to the price charged for the product in question. Coupled with the fact that they are the only brand globally which is a practical One-Stop shop for Men’s Lifestyle with over 13 existing categories globally including Watches, Electronics, Garments, Footwear, Leather, Outdoors, Household, Writing Instruments, Eyewear, Cosmetics, Batteries, Bicycles and Accessories which has resulted in Swiss Military being termed as one of the fastest growing and most exciting brands globally! Swiss Military Worldwide with focus on the premium yet affordable traveller looking out for world-class products that suit their limited budgets. Their global range including specialized, custom combo offers is an ideal choice as a gift to clients / business associates / employees or for PR activities.

Swiss Military as Branded Corporate Gifts
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Silicone Rubber Range of Corporate Gifts

Silicone Bar Range of Products

Silicone is the ideal material for extreme temperatures because it withstands high and low temperatures far better due to its ability to be used continuously at 150°C (302° F) with virtually no change in its properties. Silicone is considered part of the rubber family and can be used to make malleable rubber-like items, hard resins, and spreadable fluids. It is considered “FDA approved as a food-safe substance” and is generally considered inert. Silicone bakeware is tolerant of both heat and cold, and can be used in the oven at temperatures up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. It can go directly from the oven to the freezer, is microwave safe, and easy to clean. Silicone rubber is a silicon polymer with rubberized qualities. All silicone is inert, it does not react with other elements or compounds. There are no known health hazards of silicone. Silicone is not biodegradable, but it can be recycled easily – where facilities exist.

Silicone Bar Range of Products: –

Used widely in advanced countries for over decades now slowly India is gearing up to daily used silicone items like silicone ball shape ice moulds, silicone shot glass mould, silicone glasses, silicone coasters, universal silicone cork stoppers, silicone universal bottle grippers etc. Ice moulds and coasters are Ideal for private bars to differentiate the drinking experience with friends and can be used as promotional tools by liquor brands. Further silicone glasses will be cleaner and better for use at clubs where breakage and hygiene factors are of paramount importance. Branding can be done on the colourful cork stoppers and bottle grippers to avail the brand recall mileage at low cost.
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Awards, Trophies, Plaques & Mementoes as Corporate Gifts

Awards Trophies Plaques and Mementoes

Recognition is one of the most powerful tool to appreciate and motivate the team members to up their game and continue to be engaged. Recognition also gives feedback to the performing members and creates aspirations in others to aim and reach the sky. The brassware awards conveys to the recipient and his near and dear ones about his contribution to the team and encourages him to scale up further. The new thinking is that an organisation must find ways and means to ensure that all the team members are winners instead of trying to identify only few at the top. After all they recruited to make everyone a winner and must find ways to ensure most of them end up becoming the winner.

Once you have the budget and different award categories in mind then you can start selecting the various choices to match and connect with the description of the award. It can be a combination of wood and metal with gold polish to enable the recipient to proudly display the same. The metal plate can be screen printed in various color combinations to display name of the company, category of award, name of the person and any other relevant matter.

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Eco-Friendly Foldable Bags as Corporate Gifts

Foldable Bags

Eco-friendly range of utility bags, that are economical, foldable, fashionable and simultaneously create an ecosystem where harmoniously we all take responsibility to reduce use of plastic and save our planet. Our Bags are made from parachute fabric which is reusable, sturdy and durable resulting in reduce usage of plastic carry bags.

Shopping Bags: –

There are various types of shopping bags as shown below with their main features. Classic shopping bag, large shopping bag and small shopping bag can be reused, are light weight and foldable when not in use. Apart from being washable and water repellent our bags can safely carry over 15 kilograms of weight and will last over 3 years. Classic canvas tote, large canvas tote and small canvas tote are multipurpose canvas shopping bags made of eco-friendly high quality canvas fabric with and without gusset and can carry between 7 – 10 kilograms. Proudly display your logo on both sides as long they are in circulation for free publicity for both your products and brand. You also have choice of your house colours except in canvas.
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Car Hanging Fragrances as Corporate Gifts

Car hanging fragrance is a good corporate gift as the passengers travelling in the car can’t miss the bouncing dangler on the front wind screen hanging on to the rear-view mirror. The fragrance helps in the pleasant smell in the car always. The best promotional gift for automotive industry as the connection with the vehicle is supreme here. Every car servicing industry can use this promo to connect with their target audience. Authorised service centres makes it a point to give this as a gift when they return the car after the periodical services to connect with regular users. FMCG companies too find it very cost effective specially telecom and all the big brands have used this product to connect with their target audience.

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