Entrepreneur Without Investment With Scope of Scaling

Exclusive-Franchise-300x107We are the Indian manufacturers and exporters of promotional Corporate Gifts and our tagline is “Everything From A Pin To A Plane”. Due to demand and gap in the market we wish to appoint Franchisees in all cities and towns of India.

We have created a website with over 30+ categories and 2800+ products to help you book orders in your respective cities / towns. We are regularly updating and adding new products as per the market feedback.

  1. To become our Authorized Sales Partner you must complete first year sales target as part of your commitment to learn and grow the business.

  2. Company may generate and support you with web enquiries from your territory which will be an added bonus.

  1. We will provide an intensive sales training for a day at our Bangalore office.

  2. Laptop / smart phones will be required to interact with customers and back office for fast turnaround time.

  3. We will provide all support on artwork, designs, brochures and catalogues.

  4. The back office will support you with all your queries and if required interact with your client to help you close the order.

  5. Your commission will depend on the actual order booking price which will be explained to you in detail. However on list selling price commission amount will be around 15 – 25%.

Once you have mastered the product knowledge and have regular business with your customers you can plan to increase the team by adding up the field persons. They need not come for training to Bangalore and you can support them with all functions locally including samples etc. In this phase the territory will be allotted to you exclusively to develop and we will recognize you as our local Sales Office. The advantage of this model is that you need not invest in stocks or working capital and earn your income through your regular b2b customers.

On successful completion of the team handling you will be appointed as our exclusive Sales Franchisee for your city / town for lifetime. You can sell your franchise rights to the new owner with our written consent at the prevailing market price to retire or pass on the business to your legal heirs. You start with zero investment but over the period of time apart from earning regular income will also be in a position to create a team and sales office by scaling up the business. Over a period of time you will become authorised franchisee with zero investment in franchisee fee. Thereafter you will also earn the right to sell your created franchisee territory depending on the earning potential of the territory.

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