Mementos to Recognize the Performers

How a Company Increasing their Productivity by Customized Mementos?

Mementos-300x140Rewards and recognition are the two best ways to encourage healthy competition and greater participation by the team members. The periodical recognition helps members to get the feedback as to what is recognised and measured by their company or group. This is the most crucial time when many team members make up their mind to start participating in the next contest period to qualify for the recognition. If done in the transparent manner with the basic continuity in recognition framework then the company can notice the whole team increasing their productivity for the overall betterment of all concerned.

How Mementos Add Value and Charisma to the Whole Exercise?

In a school setting the budget is normally in high two figures where a good acrylic mementos can be presented to the winners whether in sports or academic settings. However the budget can be increased for the corporate setting as the mementos kept in the showcase speaks volume about the corporate and their taste. An unimpressive memento can make recipient hide the same whereas an impressive mementos can make employee proudly display the same at the most prominent place at the home or office. Secondly the seriousness of the contest and prestige associated with the mementos add value and charisma to the whole exercise.

We had a cement company where they went for a customised metal trophy quite impressive costing over Rs.5,000/- each to impress the recipient partners and to add prestige to the whole exercise. Another traditional company went for an impressive imported table plank for all their partners given at the annual meet which can be displayed by them back at their office premises. Quarterly awards are the norm at the most sales company at the regional level and yearly awards at the corporate level.

Customized Corporate Mementos

A MNC bank wanted to standardise the corporate mementoes across the various cities and regions and there our multi branches came handy. They standardised the customised mementoes at the head office which was then executed by us locally to ensure uniformity across their branch offices. Since we knew of their requirement every quarter it was possible for us to maintain the inventory of the imported mementoes ready to be engraved at the end of each quarter at short notices.

Depending on the theme and events the mementoes can be totally customised to go with the overall function. It can take the shape of the logo, brand, product, building, factory or whatever will give the mileage to achieve the end objective. However to make life easy for the last minute selection we have ready stocks of umpteen variety at various price points to suit your budget. You can also select from our section of trophies and mementoes under which we have further categorised as wooden, metal, glass, crystal, acrylic, planks and trophies.

Now a days many companies prefer to give certificates well framed so that recipient can hang it on their walls. Depending on the budget the frame can be selected to add weight to the award. Please send us an email with your specific requirement so that we can help you design an appropriate customised corporate mementoes for your regular periodical requirements.

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