Marketing and Distribution Channel for Start Ups

marketing-and-distribution-300x168E-commerce has made life easy for the start-ups to display and book orders for their new ideas in very cost effective manner! However, after the proof of the concept the next immediate challenge for them is to scale up by generating volumes and creating a ready marketing and distribution infrastructure for their goods and services! To generate volumes to lower the cost of their manufactured goods they need bulk sales and enough trials before they can even start selling at brick and mortars. Once the product has been tried and liked by masses then placing it on shelves becomes easy due to inquiry and demand from the end users. A big marketing and distribution lesson is that what is seen is bought and that in the beginning you need to push your products like a rocket which takes a lot of energy to get off the ground but thereafter it becomes relatively easy.

If you are already seeing traction in your business with appreciation from the buyers, then to scale up your business you can get in touch with us. We help you with bulk orders from the corporate who will buy and distribute your products free to their target audience to impress them and increase their sales. To qualify your products should be new with some utility or excitement with branding space so that it can be offered free to the various target audience along with fast moving branded products. Ideally the bulk selling price should be low two or three digits as that ensures higher trials and greater exposures for your product. The association with a good brand will rub on your products and trial will ensure demand for the same. You will be greatly surprised to know that even big advertising spenders come to corporate gift sellers because big brands too need actual trials to keep adding to their customer base. The cycle of awareness, consideration, trial and regular usage is completed by the corporate gift companies by ensuring enough trial takes place.

Common Items Distributed to Employees

To give you few examples have you seen newspaper or television ads explaining about a ball pen free along with a soap. A coffee mug free along with a brand of the coffee. A massager free along with a coconut oil or a mirror free along with a branded kajal. A swiss knife free along with a newly launched men’s face wash cream. A gold in your regular bath soap or soap case if you buy set of 2 or 3 soaps. You can be tempted with a headphone if you go for a post-paid connection instead of a prepaid by a telecom company. Apart from end user’s scheme brands run the channel partner schemes where steel dinner set is given for picking up certain amount of stocks. Watches, water purifiers, refrigerators, washing machines and television sets are the common items distributed to employees during festival times. The list is endless with lottery for bikes, cars, flats and foreign tours is common for acquiring and keeping the existing customers happy. Every time you see a promotion of a brand along with a free gift think of corporate gift companies as they were involved somewhere to help the deal come through. There is no item which cannot be given as gift and as free items creates trial and thereby pull for your product if liked by the user.

We work nationally with over 200 corporates in all industry segments and take care of their promotional and merchandise needs by constantly looking for new products and ideas. We have many gifting partners spread all over India to ensure that the fragmented gifting industry is organised as a proper marketing and distribution channel similar to general trade, modern trade, institutional business etc. Each trade channel behaves and respond to their unique business models differently to survive and grow and we sincerely believe that we understand both i.e. them and your need to create a winning proposition for all involved. We take part at the gift expos at almost all metros from time to time to create awareness among the corporates, gifting partners and brands.

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