Corporate Gifts Suppliers

Look for Variety, Reliability & Consistency While Selecting Corporate Gifts Suppliers!

Corporate Gifts is a fragmented market with most of the suppliers as one man show and that becomes the biggest challenge for you as buyer as that can disturb your deadline with no guarantee of quality of the materials supplied. Further the ‘reliability’ factor of utmost importance is defeated as the vendor keeps changing then where is the assurance of him taking pain to establish his credentials as long term player. High churning of your suppliers is again not good as entry is easy but sustaining business and growing clientele with limited bandwidth is where most new entrepreneurs fail.

Corporate Gifts Suppliers


Always Choose Corporate Gift Suppliers with Good Strength & Capability….

Here team makes the difference as a bigger team ensures that they have back up and they are in the market with serious business plan. Multi location also adds to the vendor’s strength as more customers and manufacturers add to the strength of the Corporate Gifts supplier. Customers from different segments also add to the knowledge pool of the supplier’s team resulting in the capability of the supplier to carry out any assignment successfully and becoming your long term reliable vendor.

Why Large Corporate Prefer Always Corporate Gifts Manufacturers..?

Many large corporate prefer to look for the direct manufacturer which becomes a challenge while purchasing Corporate Gifts. As full time manufacturer needs to account for both manufacturing, marketing and distribution overhead cost resulting in either higher price for you (as they can’t disturb their market operating price) or they are unable to do justice to manufacturing due to lack of orders again resulting in either closing down or changing their business model. Here again large strong players scores because of their tie ups with OEM & EOU as they can offer reliability of goods manufactured at the best price. The business model is a big challenge for the Corporate Gifts manufacturers as they fail to scale up due to lack of orders through their own team round the year due to limited bandwidth. Please understand here what you need once in a while can be best serviced by Corporate Gift suppliers who can keep the manufacturer’s busy round the year.

Companies have suffered on quality front due to placing orders on weak suppliers and in the process suffering and deciding that better to go with branded goods for ‘reliability’. But the branded goods defeat the purpose of giving gifts as perceived value and cost to you is almost similar. As a marketing wizard corporate gifts items main purpose was that you spend half but get mileage due to perceived value of much higher price. Smart Companies try to solve the riddle by looking for efficient partners instead of deciding that they will only go for branded products.

Branded gifts also undergo challenges but they stand for what they supplied and correct the mistakes thereby becoming a brand. Similarly your strong supplier partner will ensure that they correct the mistakes which one can only learn while on the job and keep rectifying and raising the bar for you and your target audience.

How to Choose Your Corporate Gifting Solution Providers & There Gifting Ideas..?

Gifting is where you need new and latest ideas and your supplier partner should be in a position to give you ‘variety’. This again can be done only by a big team because of their bandwidth and it is easy for the various manufacturers too to reach them to get their volumes. Your supplier partners understand your requirements and accordingly keep scouting for various new products which can be used by your various teams to achieve their end objectives. Not only he keeps showcasing various products but also tinkers with the original idea to keep you excited. Your regular relationship manager also ensures that you are the first one to see the product or idea and take it to your target audience before others can. It is in your own interest to keep this important link happy and excited to run 24×7 for you and your brand or Company.

Every time you need an odd product the best source is your as his job is to keep in touch with various manufacturers all over the world. They will know immediately where to go and look for your solution and even who all can help it develop at the minimum cost possible. They have the bandwidth to work with multiple factories as each one has got their own expertise. For example a t-shirt manufacturer can do cost effective t-shirt without using process of compacting it to reduce cost but the guarantee of shrinkage is not available. Now this factory is good for few segments where they need coverage of mass numbers but quality of t-shirt shrinkage is not of paramount importance. Here the expertise of your supplier comes in to the picture as he has to take the final call. For instance when a HR manager is under pressure on cost front and insist on any t-shirt to solve his immediate challenge even then you as supplier refuse to deliver these t-shirts as ultimately the complaint will come back to you haunt you sooner or later.

After ‘reliability’ and ‘variety’ the next most important requirement is of ‘consistency’ of experience as then your corporate gift supplier has become as good as a brand for you. This is a tricky one for your supplier too as the number of manufacturers and that too at different price points and each with different specialty is a very big challenge.

Why the Small & Medium Corporate’s Need to Choose Corporate Vendor Suppliers..?

What if you are not a large Corporate then how should you go about deciding the vendor supplier? Ideally you should look for a vendor who has large accounts and if they are not neglecting you and have the bandwidth then work with them as you will enjoy the benefits of their scale and expertise.

For (SOHO) small office and home office segments it is a big challenge as no supplier has the bandwidth to service them as the cost of relationship executive fails to justify the business received from the segment. Smarter vendors have come out with their own e commerce platform ( to tackle this issue as their expertise and relationship with manufacturers enables them to service the segment in cost effective manner. They have created a back office too which handholds through email and phone to service the smaller orders. You can pay for the initial development cost of the sample which will be adjusted on your placing final order online or through your Company accounts.

Personalized gifts are one segment which is best serviced by the malls and retail outlets as they are equipped with the machineries and product across the counters. However if the quantities are large say over 20 mugs then even if the order is personalized with different photographs then it can be ordered online to save on the cost of each mugs which is huge. Trophies and mementos as smaller orders are welcome through the online portal depending on your actual need.



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