Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Using corporate gifts reseller partners as a distribution channel can indeed be a strategic move for both start up and established brands looking to scale up their business after proving their concept. Here are some advantages and considerations to keep in mind when pursuing this strategy:


BULK SALES: Corporate gift reseller partners often have established networks and client bases, which can lead to significant bulk sales for your products or services.

TRIALS AND EXPOSURE: Corporate gifts are typically given to employees, clients, partners, or business associates. This provides an opportunity for individuals to try your products or services, creating both brand exposure and potential loyal customers.

COST-EFFECTIVE MARKETING: Leveraging corporate gifts as a distribution channel can also serve as a cost-effective marketing strategy. You are essentially getting your products or services in the hands of potential customers without the need for extensive advertising.

PRODUCT SUITABILITY: Ensure that your products or services are suitable for corporate gifting. They should be relevant, appealing, and of high quality with customization options for branding and personalization.

In conclusion, using corporate gifts reseller partners as a distribution channel can be a valuable strategy for scaling up your start up for bulk sales with more trials to increase repeat buyers.

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