Recipients to Select Their Choice of Corporate Gifts

Gifting vouchers is outdated as our platform allows each recipient to select their choice of corporate gift.

In the Past Vouchers were Considered as Corporate Gifts by few Companies due to the Following Challenges: – 

  1. To differentiate with cash, they gave vouchers. 
  2. Selecting a gift liked by all is difficult so give vouchers. 
  3. The HR department is already overloaded so the possible way out was vouchers.

But Strong Brands Always Insisted on Giving Gifts and Never Considered Vouchers!

  1. Branding is possible on the gifts to keep reminding employees and their families. 
  2. A Company normally buys in the bulk benefitting all the recipients. 
  3. Voucher discounts are negligible and never fully redeemed. 

The rewards and recognition can also be gamified by providing multiple stretch choices keeping the outcome in mind. Make people feel like winners as brains, like hearts, go where they are appreciated so let us do our job of identifying a long-term reward and recognition strategy to keep everyone excited. 
Create a reward system through which your employees get what they want, you get what you want, and the right things get done. Producing good results helps people feel better about themselves and is the key to happiness and doing things we do well. So, get the right results, give the right rewards and the attitudes will take care of themselves.
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