How to Design Rewards Programmes

In ‘HOW TO’ series earlier blog titled How and why to avoid gifting vouchers we explained why large companies strongly believe and insist on giving gifts and not the gift vouchers. In this blog let us focus on what all to keep in mind while designing various rewards programmes. 

Long Term: – Rewards programmes are like rockets which takes a lot of energy when you launch it so why not design it keeping long haul in mind and change it only when necessary. If your business model demands, then you can have additional programmes from time to time to achieve other objectives but let the base programme remain focussed on the main goal. Be ambitious and stretch the top slab which you would like the team to achieve individually or collectively.

Proof of Success: – Ideally the scheme should be a major flop when you launch it as the participants would show their indifference as they actually do not believe that the higher slabs are achievable. Word of caution here that over time they will learn to beat the stretched top slabs so do ensure that your percentage budget is well designed for long haul.

Always remember not to refuse a wing to the person who gave you the whole chicken. 

Easy entry point: – Maximum slabs should be between 7 to 10 and your first slab starts with what is already being achieved by the most participants to get them involved. Award for the lowest slab may be pea nuts just to keep them interested but the top slab must carry the eye-popping award. 

Simple Truth: –     The dilemma is that systems are designed to challenge us to continuously do well and over time when we learns to start doing well focus is lost on achieving next bigger objective and shifts to stop us from winning so easily. Have not we heard so many times not to tinker with what is working efficiently but it is so difficult to follow in practice because of above paradox? Trained manpower, super stars and great teams are unknowingly killed over time due to stopping the flywheel and thereby creating the doom loop syndrome!

Alignment: – Ensure the alignment of your programme with appropriate awards for various support functions to lubricate the system instead of a major traffic jam due to overload on various other inter connected departments.

In nutshell try ending up creating a reward programme through which your employees get what they want, you get what you want, and the right things get done. Producing good results helps people feel better about themselves and is the key to happiness and doing things we do well. So, get the right results, give the right rewards and the attitudes will take care of itself.

Sparket Corporate Gifts help build strong connections with your employees so let us excite and engage them with more choice and wide variety of rewards and recognitions.

Please do contact us to discuss and design your own rewards and recognitions programme for your esteemed recipients to your full satisfaction. The next article in ‘HOW TO’ series is How to manage high rewards in which we will discuss ways to manage various other departments who may not be incredibly happy with the huge success of the programme. “[ninja_forms id=1]”

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