Safely, Sanitize, Disinfect and Deodorize

Safe for use as directed on and around humans, pets, plants, food, water, materials and environment such as residences, offices, vehicles, cafes, restaurants, clinics, hospitals, operation theatres, school, colleges, warehouse, storerooms, theatre, auditoriums, shops, malls, public places & hotels. Safely, sanitize, disinfect and deodorize your staircases, hand railings, table surfaces, floorings, doorknobs, handles, shoes, mats, faucets, entrance door and doorbell etc. Various other products including vegetables and fruits coming from outside to your place required soaking for 10 – 15 minutes in the Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) solution.

Safely Sanitize Disinfect and Deodorize
In India Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) has been used since 2005 in drinking water, wastewater and various air and water disinfection and sanitation application including surface and equipment sanitation. ClO2 has been widely used and recommended for the COVID-19 decontamination globally. Chlorine Dioxide (CIO2) is non carcinogenic in nature without causing irritation to nose, skin, tissues by eliminating the bio film from bacteria, virus, fungi, germs and approved by WHO, FDA, US-EPA and NSF certified for material safety. 

Chlorine Dioxide

CIO2 can be used as steriliser, disinfectant, sporicidal and germicide with high performance for 12 to 72 hours, with seconds to minutes contact time with concentration of 0.5 ppm to 10ppm and works in pH 4 to 10 which is neutral to acidic with negligible corrosion, flammability and toxicity with low cost, easy to storage with high biodegradability. Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) has a more potent anti-microbial activity than Sodium Hypochlorite as it eliminates the biofilm. No rinsing or wiping is required in case of fumigation just simply air out the confined space before reoccupying. Wear approved protective mask while spraying with high pressure sprays, protective gloves to avoid inhaling of activated solution and work in well ventilated areas. Avoid spraying on wounds and note that it can cause decolouring of certain fabrics.

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PROTECTION (OUTDOOR): – Under circle of ClO2Guard for 24 hours for next 30 days once you remove the pouch and wear it around you or hang in the car, cabin or cubicle at all public places available with MRP of Rs.299/-. The product protects the wearer within a circle of 1 meter around him or her even in public places.

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PROTECTION (INDOOR): – Air purification technology eliminates virus, bacteria & odours: – CIO2Gel is a proprietary formulation for generating CIO2 in a Gel form to increase the period of release up to 25 – 30 days. With a continuous effective release, the benefits of ClO2 are easily accessible and can be utilized in a user-friendly manner. Since ClO2 is not a masking agent it does not mask the odour like other fragrances. The control release of ClO2 as slow regulated gas is undetectable and is at safe level as per the OSHA toxicity values. As ClO2 is an oxidizing biocide it deactivates microorganism by attacking and penetrating their cell wall disrupting the transport of nutrients across the cell wall and inhibiting protein synthesis. Since this action occurs regardless of the metabolic state of the organism, oxidizing biocides are effective against dormant organisms and spores. Applications for ClO2Gel are cafes & restaurants, clinics & hospitals, operation theatres, school & colleges, cubicles & offices, warehouse & storerooms, theatre & auditoriums, shops & malls, public places, house & hotel rooms. Approved by WHO, US EPA, CDC and other global certificate bodies as powerful oxidising agent and free radical with residual disinfection capacity in noticeably short contact time of 2 – 10 minutes with no resistance building by microorganisms and effectiveness in gas phase. The ClO2Gel is effective for 1000 cubic foot space is available with MRP of Rs.399/-. 

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PROTECTION: – Fumigation and air borne pathogen prevention and control molecule approved by WHO, US EPA, CDC & IDRA is effective in both liquid and gas phases, easy to use and generate, completely decontaminate the surface, strip and removes biomass on the surface while remaining cleaner longer and reducing recantation. DIS INFECT tablet is an approved and allowed substance for human and animal consumption so safely sanitize, disinfect and deodorize by taking a plastic container with 500 ml of water and adding a tablet and leaving the room closed for 4 hours. After 4 hours ventilate for 15 minutes by opening windows and switching on the air conditioner. Should be applied after wearing protective mask, gloves and eye protective covers or in absence of approved mask ensure to wrap a wet cloth over the ordinary mask to cover the nose properly. It is not allergic to skin, but one should avoid inhalation and spilling over clothes as higher concentration can cause cloth decolourization. DIS INFECT is available in a sachet pack of 2 tablets of 10 grams each with MRP of Rs.120/-. 

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PREPARING ClO2 SOLUTION: – preferred quantity of mixture is 1-gram tablet for 1 litre of water, 5 grams for 5 litres of water and 20 grams for 20 litres of water. Wait for 3 to 5 minutes until tablet dissolves in the water completely and then stir gently and the solution is ready to use. Indoor air treatment is done in absence of humans and for fogging same process is followed. 


While using high pressure spray ensure to work in well ventilated area and avoid inhaling fumes of activated solution wearing approved protective masks, gloves and goggles to avoid human body contact and avoid spraying on wounds. 
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