5 Years of Weekly Blogging on Corporate Gifts

Happy to share that I have completed 5 years of weekly blogging on corporate gifts. Though I must confess here that I deeply regret the loss of precious 11 years looking for a content writer and hope you do not lose your precious time looking for one. I have nothing against the outsourced content writers but fail to understand how they can write blogs after blogs on multiple industries with deep insights and be fair to their audience as an industry expert? In the advertising industry, professional content writers make sense as they are trying to convey the message by availing the services of a subject matter expert whereas blogging is a continuous activity needing 360-degree expertise on the subject. 
AK Gupta
The advantages of writing your own blogs are as follows: – 

  1. What is working in real world with real decision makers helps you understand and thereby find relevant ONLINE users when they are searching for your products. 
  2. The acid test of your success is how many products or brand sellers get in touch with you as they are hungrier than the buyers in their searches looking for you as corporate gifts vendors
  3. Newer, better and more choices of giftable products with fresh ideas means more sales from existing customers ensuring continuous growth.
  4. Additions of the big clients who are invisible to you or are exceedingly difficult to approach are bonus that too when they have a pressing need.
  5. The world becomes your market as you not only export worldwide but cater to expos, seminars, conferences and outsourced employees working at BPOs in India. 
  6. Paid searches are like admission of your ward through management quota whereas organic searches are displayed purely on merit and smart buyers are aware of the difference.
  7. In our industry which is b2b you do not try to sell online but ensure clients find you to qualify as one of their shortlisted vendors. 
  8. Giants from the advanced economies speak to you first when they are trying to enter India or looking for a strategic partner.

Let me close by thanking once again Dr. Ivan Misner of BNi from whom I learned about writing weekly blogs on every Saturday without fail. My sincere regret is that I heard the story from him first in 2011 almost nine years back but took my own sweet time to start writing blogs and hope you don’t repeat the same mistake.

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