Enabling Physical Stores Sell Online

Give a digital voucher as a corporate gift to all your existing channel partners to enable them start selling to local users searching for products or services ONLINE especially on mobile ensuring physical stores open 24×7. Many potential customers want minimum physical interaction to experience the products virtually with options of home delivery and digital payment. It is time you use the internet to your advantage by adding an online App to your existing physical outlet to keep growing, comfortably swimming with sharks. Current situation is the perfect opportunity to take your brand and the associated physical store online without the heavy expenditure on software know-how with our simple solutions tailor-made for you and your channel partners. 

Physical Stores

Our Solution: App and Backend as an online medium is now the easiest and cheapest means to get your product or services promoted at your outlets.

  • We will provide agreed number of coupons to you. 
  • You will gift this to your vendors / retailers / partners. 
  • Partners use these coupons to register on the App. 
  • Once they create their profiles, we get their GPS data as well. 
  • Soon they start appearing in search results. 

Online Store Vs Physical store

Strong Online Business Identity: Company name with details, business profile in online networks, products listing, virtual experience, door delivery, virtual payment etc.

Benefits of Listing in App direct advertising exposure, free traffic generation, develops brand image, targeted lead generation, improve link popularity, good for business website SEO too. 100% organic growth while bringing you more engagement, generating more virtual posts and in-turn generating leads with options like video virtual experience by the customer.

Benefits of Listing in App

How to properly list your business? 

  • Make a list of important and niche products. 
  • Find top keywords related to your business. 
  • GPS location and guide. 
  • Add keyword optimized titles with description. 
  • Choose appropriate categories. 
  • Include Keywords as tags. 
  • Allow home delivery options. 
  • Add other business details, products, and services. 

More Traffic, More Visibility Online, More Sales ………

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