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We help you build strong connections with your esteemed recipients namely consumers who are end-users, customers like trade partners, influencers, employees and business associates. Let’s excite and engage various target audiences with more choice and a wide variety of Corporate Gifts. Till date, we have written over 234 blogs on promotional products @ one blog every week ensuring more choices for you which in hindsight resulted in the top rank for us on the first page in organic search results. We have made each product blog as a pdf file and uploaded it to our website at the month-end so please select from over 150 downloadable files to share with your team to decide the best gift for your esteemed recipients. 

PROCUREMENT: – We support your supply chain management team comfortably conduct reverse auctions by providing full specifications so that apple to apple comparison can be made. Even consider exploring global procurement of merchandise from us as India is very cost effective when it comes to handmade items like apparels, leather, wooden, low cost pens etc.
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  • END USERS promos to increase unit sales. “Gifts – we’ll make your ideas come true!” Everything from A PIN TO A PLANE in promotional products.
  • CUSTOMERS promos for the important influencers.
  • PARTNERS promos to excite them to stretch.
  • EMPLOYEES rewards and recognitions. We can help you create a customized merchandise catalogue from the shortlisted products at prefixed budgeted prices.
  • Annual days, award nights and various other CELEBRATIONS.

Sparket Corporate Gifts


  • Doubled turnover in last 4 years ending March 2019.
  • Over 500 corporate clients including MNCs in almost all segments of industries since 1986.
  • Exported to over 24 Countries serving even global procurement including promotional partners across the world.
  • Physical presence at 2 metros with more billing locations.

Sparket Marketing Corporate Gifts from 1986

EMPOWERED EXPERIENCED TEAM: – is the reason for our success which ensures that you are dealing with the trained relationship executive who can decide on the table. The team’s wide bandwidth against most of the one-man show competition assures varied choices and assured quality of materials with timely deliveries.

  • Most of the (27 nos.) employees have joined as freshers, learned and grown with us over the last 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and even 33 years. 
  • Value-driven organizations with empowered dedicated team.

Empowered Experienced Team

CO-PROMOTIONS OF BRANDS: – Bundling of sales helps both the brands actual trials of their products through cross-promotions and thereby end up increasing regular users and thus increase in market share. Intellectuals will ask the logic and connection behind a soap and utensil cleaner but will be surprised to note that the scheme has been such a grand success that the same is being repeated in different markets to greater success. Our learning and piece of advice is that if you are confident that your product is so good that one trial will hook the consumers for lifetime then talk to us to identify the co-brand to promote with your product. Please talk to us if you too want us to co-promote your brand to increase your sales while creating more awareness and buzz around it.

Co Promotions of Brands

PROMOTION CUM DISTRIBUTION: – We offer the product managers and brand owners a new vertical apart from existing general trade, wholesalers, large format, institute and online sales called CORPORATE GIFTS PROMOTION CUM DISTRIBUTION channel to increase your awareness, reach and thereby new sales with lifetime users if recipients like your product. We are exclusive distribution partners for either the whole of India, region or even state for brands 3M, JOY, X-MEN, SM foods, Swiss Military, Bombay Dyeing, Aditya Birla Retail Fashion, etc.

Promotion Cum Distribution

Please do get in touch with us to visit you for a presentation to explain more in person.

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