BOROSIL Range of Corporate Gifts

Design means both ‘how it looks’ and ‘how its works’ and the beautiful balance between the two makes BOROSIL designs truly perfect synonymous with dependability, safety, ease of use and elegance. The range of products is famous for high quality and performance for more than 50 years as beautifully designed, simple, smart and practical products for the home and kitchen.

Borosil Range of Corporate Gifts


Borosil meets all your food serving need including microwavable to not only cook but even serve and store as hot and fresh. The high-quality serving range includes Mixing Bowls, Casseroles, Dishes, Bake N Serve, Katoris, Bowls, Plates, Combination Sets, Basic Mixing Bowls and Accessories. MICROWAVABLES: – made of 100% borosilicate glass has the unique ability to withstand extreme temperatures, making it safer and stronger than regular glass ensuring that your food looks as fabulous as it tastes so prepare, cook, heat, bake, serve and store.

Serve Ware

BOROSIL Mixing Bowls :-

Borosil Mixing bowls are available in 350ml, 500ml, 900ml, 1.3, 1.7, 2.5 & 3.5 litres with MRP of Rs.275/-, Rs.315/-, Rs.370/-, Rs.425/-, Rs.495/-, Rs.615/- & Rs.775/- respectively. Mixing bowls with plastic lids are available in 350ml, 500ml, 900ml & 1.3 litres with MRP of Rs.315/-, Rs.355/-, Rs.410/- & Rs.465/- respectively. Mixing bowls sets also available in packs of 2 and 3 with and without plastic lids.

Borosil Mixing Bowls

Casseroles: –

Gourmet cook and serve casserole of 2.0 litres size is available with MRP of Rs.1,520/-. Round casseroles are available in 700ml, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 & 2.5 litres with MRP of Rs.525/-, Rs.625/-, Rs.725/-, Rs.795/- & Rs.895/- respectively and even as set of 3. Deep round casseroles are available in 1.2, 1.75 & 2.5 litres with MRP of Rs.825/-, Rs.935/- & Rs.1,045/- respectively. Use casseroles to reheat food – the lid keeps gravy from splashing in the microwave.


BOROSIL Dishes: –

available in square shape in 1.6 litres size with MRP of Rs.615/-, with option of handles in 800ml & 1.6 litres size with MRP of Rs.585/- and Rs.675/- respectively. Choice of lid for storing purpose in square shape in 500ml, 800ml & 1.6 litres with MRP of Rs.475, Rs.625/- & Rs.725/- respectively or complete set of 3 for MRP Rs.1,735/-. The dish range includes rectangular and oval shape apart from for Souffle, Loaf, Fluted and round Cakes. 

Borosil Dishes


Bake N Serve Dishes: –

Bake N Serve Dishes: – range includes all 3 shapes in rectangular, oval and round apart from cake dishes in 1.5 & 2.5 litres with MRP between Rs.595/- to Rs.795/- each. Dishes are perfect for baking cakes or even dhoklas and other baked dishes.

Borosil Bake and Serve Dishes

Katoris, Bowls, Plates and Dessert Sets: –

4 handis as biryani set of 500ml size each as shown below for MRP of Rs.1,145/-. Katoris set of 6 in small and big sizes available in different shapes with MRP of Rs.295/-, Rs.395/- and Rs.455/- as both flame proof and ordinary. Microwavable plates available in 17cm, 20cm, 22cm & 25cm for MRP of Rs.195/-, Rs.250/-, Rs.325/- and Rs.425/- each. Dessert sets with oval baking dish and 6 katoris available with MRP of Rs.575/- and Rs.695/-. Combination sets available as Square Dish and Mixing Bowl or Oval Baking Dish and Round Klip-n-Store with MRP between Rs.650/- to Rs.1,125/- each set.

Katoris, Bowls, Plates and Dessert Sets

Borosil BASICS: –

Borosil Basics, the ideal glassware you can safely use for reheating and serving. The mixing bowls are versatile to heat your favourite leftovers or mix your salads or serve dals on the table. Made from Borosilicate glass, it helps you balance a busy modern life, making whatever you’re doing healthier, simpler and smarter.


Basic mixing bowls in set of 2 available as 350ml + 350 ml, 500ml + 500ml, 900ml + 900 ml and 500ml + 1.3 litres with MRP of Rs.425/-, Rs.495/-, Rs.595/- and Rs.595/- respectively. Basic mixing bowls in set of 3 available as 500ml + 900ml + 1.3 litres with MRP of Rs.995/-. Basic mixing bowls in set of 4 available as 350ml + 500ml + 900ml + 1.3 litres with MRP of Rs.1,095/-.

Basic Mixing Bowls in Set


Serving accessories are designed keeping in mind Indian food habits, but with a modern, contemporary twist.  Indian meals are made special by many chutneys and dadima’s achars thus flip tray is designed to ensure utmost convenience and easy access to your favourite condiments. During the monsoons, put the borosilicate saltshaker into the oven or microwave to remove all traces of humidity from the salt. Make serving both interesting and beautiful with Borosil!

Borosil Accessories

Salt & Pepper Set:-

Salt & pepper set is available in two sizes with MRP of Rs.195/- & Rs.225/-. Flip tray is available in choice of grey and blue colour with MRP of Rs.495/-. Orbit tray is available in set of 3 and 5 with MRP of Rs.1,095/- and Rs.1,495/- respectively. Oil & dressing dispenser is available with MRP of Rs.325/- and with nozzles in size of 250ml, 500ml & 1.0 litres with MRP of Rs.395/-, Rs.495/- & Rs.595/- respectively.

Borosil Salt and Pepper Set


When you put so much effort into ensuring that you buy and cook the healthiest possible food, why should you store it less than 100% healthy? From pantry storage to fridge and freezer storage, we are the only storage range that has been specially designed keeping in mind the Indian kitchen. Even our jugs are designed so that they fit perfectly in the size of your fridge. Now there is no reason for your kitchen to be less than 100% Borosil!

Borosil Storage

Vision Jars, Classic Jars, Airtight Jars, Vacuum Jars, Jar Tray, Storage Containers, Cook & Store, Klip-N-Store available between MRP of Rs.245/- to Rs.645/-. Spin-N-store tray with classic jars set of 7 with MRP of Rs.3,745/-.

Vision, Classic and Airtight Jars & Tray


STORAGE CONTAINERS see-through glass provides full visibility, leak proof vacuum tight lids ensure that smells stay contained, and the stackable lids ensure optimum space utilization. And of course, they are 100% microwavable and 100% freezer poof. In fact, our flame proof Cook & Store even goes directly onto the flame for easy reheating! Reheat your leftovers directly in the Klip-n-Store as they are 100% microwavable. Cook & store and fridge to flame cook your sabzis directly in the containers you can keep in your fridge! Reheat your leftovers directly on the flame! Flame proof cook & store is available in 400ml, 800ml & 1.5 litres with MRP of Rs.325/-, Rs.425/- & Rs/475/- respectively and the complete set of 3 with MRP of Rs.1,195/-. Klip-N-store super organizers help your fridge look more organized by stacking all your sabzis in these air-tight containers. Klip-N-store is available in rectangular shape in 120ml, 370ml, 640 ml, 1.04, 1.52 & 2.0 litres with MRP of Rs.225, Rs.315/-, Rs.425/-, Rs.575/-, Rs.725/- & Rs.975/- respectively. Klip-N-store is also available in round and square shapes and in sets of 2s and 3s. Fish container is available in 1.5 litres with MRP of Rs.725/-.

Borosil Storage Containers


LUNCH BOXES, keeping in mind changing lifestyles where so much of food and drink is on the go, an entire range of products which are not only convenient to carry, but also ensure that food or drink stay perfectly safe, pure, and as fresh as possible. Dump the plastic and replace it with a Borosil product – which are both good for the planet and good for you! 

Borosil Lunch Boxes

Microwavable Glass Lunch Boxes:

Microwavable glass lunch boxes made of 100% borosilicate glass, the Borosil tiffin ensures that when you open your lovingly packed lunch, it looks, tastes and smells just like it did when it was made in the morning. Easy to clean as it does not absorb stains, and perfectly healthy as the borosilicate glass does not leech chemicals into your food, there is no better way to bring home to the office. Keep salads etc. ready in the fridge the night before – the airtight seal ensures it retains freshness the next day. Available in varied choices with partitioned glass, round, square, rectangular shape, in vertical and horizontal as set of 2 & 3 starting between MRP Rs.525/- to Rs.1,280/-.

Borosil Microwavable Glass Lunch Boxes

Basic glass lunch boxes made of Borosilicate glass is the ideal lunch box to carry home-cooked meals to the office. Heat your food in the glass lunch containers and eat it too without the fear of chemicals leeching in your meal. Available in round and square shape as set of 2 and 3 between MRP of Rs.625/- to Rs.995/-.

Borosil Basic Lunch Boxes


DRINKWARE: – Flameproof, microwave proof and freezer proof, the vision range is more than just a glass or mug. Pop them into the freezer to quickly chill your drink or hold it over the flame to heat it. Our signature carafes can be used directly over the flame to make your daily cup of tea or coffee. The perfect combination of looks and performance, our drinkware range makes whatever you’re doing simpler, smarter and better. Glasses & Tumblers, Vision Glasses, Glass Tumblers, Jugs, Glass Bottles, Carafes, Mugs & Tea Sets.

Borosil Drinkware

Vision Glasses: –

Our iconic Vision Glass has stood the test of time. Its elegant, straight lined design is a best-seller, even after 40 years. Vision glasses aren’t just extreme temperature resistant and flame proof, but also lightweight and extremely easy to clean. Vision classic glasses available as a set of 6 glasses for juice in 120ml with MRP of Rs.295/-, small 205ml with MRP of Rs.405/-, medium 295ml with MRP Rs.435/-, large 350ml with MRP of Rs.475/-. More choices available in 295ml & 350 ml with MRP of Rs.520/- and Rs.545/- respectively.

Vision Glasses

Glass tumblers large range of elegant designs has a glass for every occasion. Fiesta glasses set of 6 are available in 250ml & 300ml with MRP of Rs.725/- & Rs.745/- whereas Expression glasses set of 6 are available in 300 ml with MRP of Rs.745/-. Arch glasses set of 6 are available in 200ml with MRP of Rs.695/-. Others are available in set of 6 in 300 ml in various shapes as shown below with MRP of Rs.525/-.

Glass Tumblers

Borosil Jugs: –

Borosil jugs make you want to drink water, or juice or anything, because whatever is in it looks just that good. Marina range is designed to fit in your fridge so that you can chill your drink with ease. The high-quality glass stays crystal clear, year after year, so that your drink looks as fresh as it tastes. These flame proof jugs can be put directly on the flame to heat large quantities of tea or coffee. Jug with steel lid, glass handle, plastic handle, aqua set in various sizes and combinations, decanters, soup server. Marina jug is available in 600ml, 1.0 and 1.3 litres with MRP of Rs.315/-, Rs.375/- & Rs.455/- respectively and with glass handle in 1 litre with MRP of Rs.525/-. Vision glass jug with steel lid is available in 1.7 litres with MRP of Rs.995/-. Marina aqua set with 1 litre jug and 6 glasses of 295 ml each with MRP of Rs.995/-. Viola decanter of 900 ml is available in purple and green with MRP of Rs.695/-. Caster & Amphora jugs in non-borosilicate are available in 1 litre with MRP of Rs.315/- each.

Borosil Jugs

Glass Bottles: –

The cylindrical shape of the bottle is designed to fit in the side of your fridge, and the borosilicate glass ensures that your water is 100% safe and pure – unlike plastic, it will not leech chemicals into the water even at extreme temperatures. And while keeping you safe, the biodegradable easy carry lid made from natural fibres ensures that our planet is kept safe too! Perfectly sized mouth makes it easy to drink directly from the bottle. Crysto glass bottles are available with MRP of Rs.445/-, Crysto slim for Rs.490/- and Crysto wide for Rs.520/- for 1 litre, whereas Crysto slim for Rs.395/- and Crysto wide for Rs.425/- for 500ml. Crysto juice set with 1 litre bottle with option of 4 and 6 glasses of 295 ml each are available for Rs.755/- & Rs.895/-. Choice of 550ml as Neo glass bottle in 3 colours lid with MRP of Rs.395/- and 450 ml Glasstrong bottles in blue and green colour lid with MRP of Rs.695/-.

Glass Bottles

Carafes: –

Say goodbye to multiple utensils by making and reheat your daily dose of tea or coffee directly over the flame in the 100% flame proof Borosil carafe. Put it into the freezer to quickly turn it into a delicious pot of iced tea or coffee. Now boil, brew and serve your tea or coffee directly in Borosil’s signature 100% flame-proof carafes. Carafe with strainer in lid available in 350 ml, 650 ml, 1.0 & 1.2 litres with MRP of Rs.475/-, Rs.525/-, Rs.635/- & Rs.695/- respectively. Carafe with strainer in lid – pot available in 1.5 litres with MRP of Rs.795/- and Carafe with strainer available in 600 ml with MRP of Rs.445/-. Carafe with infuser available in 1.0 litre with MRP of Rs.695/-, Carafe with infuser – pot available in 1.5 litre with MRP of Rs.845/-. Carafe with ss infuser available in 600 ml, 1.0 & 1.5 litres with MRP of Rs.695/-, Rs.795/- & Rs.895/- respectively.


Borosil Mugs: –

Mugs: – thanks to the thoughtfully designed range of borosilicate mugs whether it’s piping hot coffee you are serving or a chilled mug of beer. Vision colour mugs is available in set of 6 in 190 ml size with choice of handles in blue, brown, yellow, pink indigo and green with MRP of Rs.495/- per set. Vision classic mugs available as set of 2 in 120ml, 305ml & 500 ml with MRP of Rs.315/- Rs.225/- & Rs.250/-. Set of 6 is available with MRP of Rs.425/- in 190 ml size.


Tea Sets: –

Tea Sets with the most elegant cups like the ones from borosilicate range so clear that it’s almost non-existent. These cups can be heated in the microwave or if you are feeling adventurous, hold it directly over the flame. Piccolo cup & saucer set of 6 in 150 ml size with MRP of Rs.1,695/-. Piccolo tea set consisting of 1.0 litre Carafe kettle, 6 teacups with saucers of 150 ml size with milk & sugar pot of 150 ml each with MRP of Rs.2,395/-. Classic tea sets with 2, 4 & 6 mugs of 190 ml each with Carafe kettle of 650ml, 1.0 litre and 1.0 litre with MRP of Rs.625/-, Rs.915/- & Rs.1,045/- respectively. Classic milk & sugar pot set of 270 ml each available with MRP of Rs.360/-.

Tea Sets

We want to ensure that you are happy with our choice of gifting products and keep coming back for more, so do reach out to us for more!

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